Consumer Demographic Append Service

Add Demographic Data to Consumer Records to Know Your Customer Better

Consumer Demographic Append Service

Profile your best customers so you can target prospects just like them. Give us your file and our Service Bureau will add all kinds of data elements including household income, age, gender, presence of children, number of adults, marital status, home owner/renter, length of residence, dwelling type and credit card information. Our database contains more than 2 billion records with information on 250 million U.S. consumers and households, nationwide.

  • Identify customer traits that you can leverage for targeted marketing
  • Profile your customers for upsell and cross sell opportunities
  • Strengthen customer loyalty and retention programs by truly knowing your customers

How Demographic Append Works

Our Demographic Append service adds hundreds of data elements to your consumer records for more targeted marketing. Send your file to us via secure online link Upload file here.

How Melissa Direct Demographic Append Works

Consumer Enhancement Bundle Pricing

Enhancements Bundle includes the following fields:

  • Estimated Household Income
  • Age in Two-Year Increments
  • Gender
  • Presence of Children
  • Number of Adults
  • Marital Status
  • Homeowner/Renter
  • Length of Residence
  • Dwelling Type
  • Credit Card

Date of Birth Pricing

Ethnicity Pricing

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Consumer Enhancement Bundle


Consumer Enhancement Bundle

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Date of Birth (Month and Year)

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All pricing is subject to change without notice and is in U.S. dollars. Please contact our nearest sales office for pricing.

Required & Returned Fields

Required Fields
Full Name, Address, City, State, and 5-digit ZIP Code

Returned Fields
Estimated Household Income, Age in Two Year Increments, Gender, Presence of Children, Number of Adults, Marital Status, Home Owner/Renter, Length of Residence, Dwelling Type, and Credit Card