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Master Data Management Platform

Unison - Superior Data Quality for Better MDM and Big Data Insights

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Unison is a data steward’s best friend. It’s a centralized solution for creating simple to complex data quality tasks that establish and maintain data quality without programming. Connect to multiple RDBMS platforms, schedule jobs, visualize reports/analytics, collaborate on projects, and much more. It’s the ideal solution to cleanse sensitive customer information securely and safely. Data never leaves your organization.

  • Easy installation with support for Oracle, MS SQL, and MySQL
  • Complete data quality including U.S. & Canadian address, phone, email verification & geocoding
  • Advanced architecture that is scalable across multiple servers & works completely offline
  • On-premise platform – confidently manage your data on site to meet compliance & security needs
Unison - Master Data Management Platform

Platform Topology

Unison’s architecture is designed from the ground up to be innovative, scalable, and reliable.

  • Advanced Web Application Interface
    • Elegant application that can be accessed through any modern browser, such as Firefox or Chrome.

  • Job Scheduling
    • Schedule recurrent jobs to process during off hours so you may get the best performance.

  • Reports and Analytics
    • Have beautiful, easy-to-read reports automatically generated for every processed job giving you both the high level overview of what we did to your data, as well as a detailed report on how we improved your data.

  • User Authentication System
    • An added layer of security so only authorized users can access the application. Log in through a web portal using either the Unison Authentication System or configure Unison to use your own configuration of LDAP.

  • Activity Logs
    • Have the ability to see who does what and when they performed the action.
Unison - Platform Topology
Unison - Advanced Architecture

Advanced Architecture

Unison was designed from the ground up for effortless scalability, ease of use and updating, and robust data quality and cleansing capabilities.

  • Client/Server architecture
    • The Unison platform can be installed to Ubuntu Core Server and accessed through any browser from within your network.

  • Scalable across multiple servers
    • You have the option to Unison to one to many additional servers to give the platform additional processing power.

  • Containerization of backend
    • Everything that can be containerized has been containerized to give Unison easy scalability.

  • Works while completely offline
    • Your compliance team can rest easy as Unison is as secure as your own network. None of your data will ever leave the premises.

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