Duplicate Elimination Service

Identify and Remove Duplicate Records for Your Mailing Lists

Duplicate Elimination Service

Up to 10% of the average list contains duplicate records – causing wasted printing, postage and production costs and hurting your brand when recipients receive multiple mail pieces. Our Service Bureau will identify and remove duplicates from your list or multiple lists.

  • Reduce waste associated with duplicate mailings
  • Achieve an accurate, single view of the customer for sales intelligence
  • Protect the integrity of your list and brand image

How Duplicate Elimination Works

Our Duplicate Elimination service identifies and removes duplicates from your file or files, providing you with a more accurate view of your customers. Send your file to us via secure online link. Upload file here.

How Melissa Duplicate Elimination Service Works

Duplicate Elimination Pricing

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Duplicate Elimination Service


Duplicate Elimination

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All pricing is subject to change without notice and is in U.S. dollars. Please contact our nearest sales office for pricing.

Required & Returned Fields

Required Fields
Full Name and/or Address, City, State, 5-digit ZIP Code and/or Phone.

Returned Fields
Duplicate Error and Dupe Group. You will receive your original file back with duplicate errors so you can determine which records may need to be deleted. Upon request, and at no extra charge, we can send your file with the duplicates removed.