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Personator Search

Get accurate, validated contact data quickly – using just a name for input – with Personator Search from Melissa. Personator Search is a web service that returns full U.S. contact data records (address, email, DOB/DOD) in seconds; and all you need to get started is a name. This smart search API can accommodate any kind of search pattern or input, and can solve almost any possible use case for skip tracing and appending missing contact data. With Melissa’s premium data sources and billions of historical records compiled to power Personator Search, you’ll always find who you’re looking for.

  • Find by name to append current & previous addresses, phones & emails
  • Find by name + Zip/City/State to append missing address lines or suite numbers
  • Append date of birth & date of death & all individuals tied to a specific phone or address

How It Works

Find anyone, anywhere, anytime – in seconds.

Personator Search

Do you have a database full of partial customer data? For example, you may only have a person’s name, the city and state where they reside, and/or a date of birth. With such minimal contact details, how can you reach the people you need?

This is what sets Personator Search apart from the competition – with Personator Search, you only need as little as the name of a person to get a full list of comprehensive contact results. Personator Search appends what’s missing in your database, including the full address (with suite and apartment numbers), date of birth and/or death, and even previous addresses, phone numbers, and emails associated with each person in your list, in batch, within seconds.

The Personator Search API leverages sophisticated combinations of a multitude of premium data sources, including consumer data, credit data, demographic data, government data, telco data, and many others. Through these combined sources, Personator Search references a database of billions of records containing current and historical data for an individual’s addresses, phone numbers, emails, and more.

Personator Search Provides:

  • Current Address
  • Previous Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Individuals Residing at an Address
  • Individuals Tied to a Phone Number
  • Date of Birth
  • Date of Death
  • Name Matches for Given Area
  • Missing Address Line
  • Missing Suite or Apartment Numbers
  • Fuzzy Names/Nickname Handling

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