Email Change of Address (ECOA) Service

Improve Email Delivery and Response Rates

Email Change of Address (ECOA) Service

Nearly 30% of the email addresses in your list go bad each year simply because of churn attributable to customers changing email addresses. If you are frustrated by poor response rates, the culprit could be bad and outdated email addresses in your list. Our Service Bureau will clean your email marketing lists of typos, formatting issues and invalid domains. We then match your list against a database of hundreds of millions of records to identify outdated addresses and replace them with the new ones.

  • Reestablish contact with customers and prospects that have changed their email addresses
  • Raise your response rates by eliminating invalid or outdated email addresses from your campaigns
  • Avoid blacklisting and a damaged sender reputation by sending to real, active email mailboxes

How Email Change of Address Works

  1. Send us your list of bad and/or bounced emails.
  2. We match your list against our comprehensive database of email change of address records.
  3. Once a new deliverable email is identified, we send a permission-based email to the recipient.
  4. Your list is then ready with clean, updated emails.

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Email Change of Address Service


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