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Social Media

Enhance your marketing to campaigns be fully omnichannel driven with our Social Media append service – available through our Services Bureau with fast turnarounds 24/7. This enrichment leads you to the social platforms affiliated with specific email addresses so you can see where your customers are hanging out and join them. Add social handles from 20 different social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and more. When you know your customers preferred social platforms, you can create the right message to send and plan it for exactly the right time. Build meaningful customer relationships, grow your customer base, increase brand awareness, and boost lead generation.

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Automated List Processing 

How It Works

Send us your contact records via secure online link, we will append the social handles for each contact. Social handles are added via cross reference and connected to an individual’s email address. See where your customers congregate and reach them on their preferred platform.

Social Media

Append and enhance your data with information from 20 different top social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Twitter followers (append), LinkedIn, Yahoo, Google+, Yelp, YouTube, Pinterest, Skype, Tagged, StumbleUpon, Meet Up, Hi5, Xing, Friendster, Foursquare, Live Journal, MySpace, and Bebo.

Append and enhance your data with information from 20 different top social networks.

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