Global Geo*Postcode Data

Global Geo*Postcode Data

Geo*Postcode is a comprehensive database of localities, streets, administrative regions, ZIP/postal codes and lots of other information for 253 countries. Integrate Geo*Postcode data into your professional software, websites, and mobile applications to generate statistics, complete addresses, validate forms and more.

Geo*Postcode provides a common dataset structure for 253 countries and territories including:

  • 203,000+ Administrative regions
  • 9,400,000+ places and post oces
  • 18,100,000+ streets
  • Geographic coordinates
  • Reference codes (ISO, NUTS, FIPS, etc.)
  • Time zone, DST, Elevation and more

All of the data is available in local language, transliterated English and non-accented ASCII version.

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Global Geo*Postcode Data

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