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TopConnector App

TopConnector app provides instant access to data on over 110 Million U.S. properties and their owners, in all 50 states, updated weekly. All in one place - your hand.

Whether you are in real estate, insurance, home repair/renovation or any other business offering services to property owners, you will love the easy access to property data.

TopConnector is powerful yet incredibly simple. It takes just a few seconds to get data on any U.S. property – residential or commercial - just by touching the property on the map. The 3D Flyover mode will allow you to zoom in on a single building and view it from all angles in a full 360-degree map flyover video. You can also snap a photo and get data on all properties around the photo’s location. It's such a cool way to lookup the info you need, whenever you need it!

Get unlimited access to all of the property and owner data nationwide with TopConnector.

Use TopConnector To Find Out:

  • Property values, size, age, property details, tax, mortgage, last sale date and price, how many years since the last sale, and more.
  • Who is the property owner, their contact info, absentee status, how long they have been living there, key owner demographics, and more.
  • If it's a business, find out who is the business owner, key executive, contact person, phone, key sales figures, and more.

Getting property and owner data doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. When you subscribe to the service, you will get unlimited access to all of the property and owner data, nationwide. You'll pay per month, not per record. No account is required, no membership. You won't find a better deal anywhere else!

TopConnector app is proudly Made In U.S.A by Mobile Data Books LLC, a California private company. The app is designed, developed and maintained in California.

Property Data

Property data is provided by Melissa Corp, a California company. Melissa provides data quality solutions and services to more than 10,000 companies worldwide.

Property Data is provided by Melissa Corp based in California, Providing Data Quality Solutions and Services Worldwide.

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