Email Verification Service

Clean Your Email Lists to Improve Response and Avoid Spam Traps and Blacklisting

Email Verification Service

When you maximize the deliverability of your email campaigns you improve response rates and as importantly, protect your sender reputation. Our Service Bureau will process your email list to fix typos and errors (for instance, replace! with @ or .con to .com) to turn bad emails into good ones. And, our service will verify the mailbox actually exists and can receive emails.

  • Improve the quality and quantity of your email database by fixing syntax and grammar errors – turning bad emails into good ones
  • Clean spam traps and bad emails for greater deliverability and conversion uplift
  • Review which emails are bad, and why with 30 diagnostic codes

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Turnaround is usually 1-2 business days or less!

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Email Verification Service

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Email Verification Service

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