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Data Quality Components for Talend

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Data Quality Components for Talend

Inaccurate, missing, or outdated data has a tremendous negative impact on all processes and activities throughout your enterprise. As enterprises continue to take in more data from more sources and use it in more ways than ever, data quality can become difficult – but it’s still crucially important.

Melissa is here to help, with built-in solutions for Talend® Opera Studio for Data Integration. It includes Personator®, our all-in-one ID verification, data completion, and data-enrichment tool, along with Global Address Verification to clean, standardize, and transliterate addresses in 240+ countries. Melissa’s Data Quality Components for Talend offer:

  • Robust ETL and customer data integration to help you make better business decisions, guided by accurate, concise data
  • Identity verification by name, address, email, phone, age, SSN, and more to improve risk assessment and customer onboarding
  • Contact Enrichment to append missing name, address, phone, email, geocodes, and even demographics
  • Global address verification to keep your data correct, verified, and standardized in local formats for 240+ countries

ETL and Custom Data Integration

ETL and integration has never been easier. When you combine Talend and Melissa, you can read and write to relational databases, fixed or deliminated text files, XML, JSON, COBOL and other file formats including Avro® and Parquet®, or Hadoop-based NoSQL stores such as HBase® and Hive®.

Talend’s powerful ETL and integration platform includes:

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop environment
  • A unified repository for metadata
  • Over 900 built-in connectors for databases, data warehouses, file systems, applications, and more
  • Advanced string manipulations, automatic lookup handling, and management of dimensions
  • ETL support, even within a single job

Personator ID Validation

Welcome to an easy verification and enrichment solution – in the Cloud.

With Personator, you can easily integrate data into your applications, shopping carts, and forms. Whether you need to prevent fraud, simplify customer onboarding, cross-check sensitive customer data, manage risk and compliance, or just verify age, Personator leverages a database of over 2.1 billion multisourced records to provide a variety of powerful features.

  • National ID and Age Verification
    Keep your business safe, by verifying date of birth and national IDs like social security or driver’s license numbers.

  • Name-Address Verification
    Personator matches name to address, email, and even phone number to ensure the customer is who they say they are.

  • Address Correction and Formatting
    Fix your addresses and ensure they comply with worldwide standards for specific country formats.

  • Data Validation
    Personator ensures every address is deliverable, email addresses are real, and phone numbers are callable. Plus, it displays mobile, landline, or unknown status for all numbers.

Contact Data Enrichment

Are there gaps in your data? Personator can fill them easily – with name, phone number, email, and address for businesses and consumers. Plus, further enrich your data with customer demographics and the most accurate Geopoints (latitutde/longitude) for all U.S. properties.

Personator enriches your data with:

  • Consumer or Business Name
  • Consumer or Business Address
  • Consumer or Business Phone Number
  • Consumer or Business Email Address
  • Consumer or Business Phone
  • Date of Birth
  • Deceased Information
  • Gender
  • Presence of Children
  • Number of Adults
  • Marital Status
  • Home Owner/Renter
  • Household Income (range)
  • Length of Residence
  • Occupation
  • Geopoints (lat/long)
  • County Name
  • FIPS Code
  • Census Tract
  • Block Groups
  • Block Numbers
  • CBSA
  • Metropolitan/Micropolitan Areas

Global Address Verification

The Global Address Verification (GAV) component verifies addresses in over 240 countries, ensuring only valid billing and shipping information enters your system. It also returns standardized addresses for the U.S. and internationally, transliterating native character sets into Latin for easy validation and organization.

The GAV component can also autocomplete addresses as customers type and convert addresses in 40+ countries to geocoded latitude and longitude coordinates.

U.S. and Canadian Address Verification standardizes, corrects, and validates all U.S. address in just one step. The U.S. engine is CASS Certified™ by the USPS and includes DPV® (Delivery Point Validation), LACSLink® (Locatable Address Correction System), RBDI (Residential/Business Delivery Indicator), SuiteLink™, and eLOT® (enhanced Line of Travel). The Canadian engine is Canada Post SERP Certified, as well.

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