Business Append Service

Add Detailed Firmographic Data for Better Prospecting

Business Append Service

Add detailed company and contact information to your business records to improve lead scoring and make your sales efforts more effective and productive. Our Service Bureau will add Contact Name and Title, SIC Codes, Employee Size Range and Sales Volume Range to your file for the sales intelligence you need to succeed.

  • Improve analytics and segmentation by adding valuable company information
  • Append data to new leads to drive sales productivity
  • Identify your best prospects and personalize outreach

How Firmographic Append Works

Our Firmographic Append process adds detailed company and contact information to your business records. Send your file to us via secure online link.Upload file here.

How Melissa Direct Firmographic Append Works

Contact Name & Title Pricing

NAICS Append Pricing

SIC Coding Pricing

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Sales Vol Range Pricing

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Business Enhancement Service


Contact Name & Title

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NAICS Append

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SIC Coding

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Employee Size Range

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Sales Vol Range

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All pricing is subject to change without notice and is in U.S. dollars. Please contact our nearest sales office for pricing.

Required & Returned Fields

Required Fields
Company, Address, City, State, and 5-digit ZIP Code

Returned Fields
SIC Code, Contact Name and Title, Employee Size Range, and/or Sales Volume Range (depending on service selected)

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