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Melissa Launches Melissa Informatics, Data Quality Powered by Machine Learning

Acquisition of IO Informatics Taps into Semantic Capabilities, Uncovering Deeper Data Connections within Complex, Changing Data

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – February 21, 2018 Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions, today launched Melissa Informatics, fueled by its acquisition of semantic technology firm, IO Informatics (IOI). IOI’s software and services support global leaders in life sciences, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical industries, reducing time and cost to benefit from clean, richly connected data. The firm helps realize value from complex, changing data by revealing deeper data relationships through machine learning and reasoning operations. Melissa Informatics, operating as a division of Melissa, integrates a global intelligence toolset to extend these capabilities in healthcare markets and beyond, buoyed by a worldwide enterprise sales and support infrastructure.

“Semantics is a transformative technology in the data quality realm, tapping into machine learning to automate, accelerate, and perfect the application of data. It’s a natural fit for Melissa and our comprehensive approach to solving complex data challenges for an enterprise client base worldwide,” said Daniel Kha Le, vice president, Melissa Informatics. “Traditional integrations are not inherently built for global interoperability, and we’re now able to extend integrations beyond this limitation. We can empower a faster and easier path to data merging and compatibility with all types of standards, harmonizing data to find patterns and relationships that were previously unrecognizable.”

Semantic technology is optimized for data management environments rich in variables, diversity, and complexity. Because semantic processes consider context clues to evaluate structured or unstructured data, a single request can efficiently query numerous disparate or siloed data sources – or inconsistent data in the same database – and deliver more meaningful results than traditional relational data methods.

In one industry example, a single medication may be referenced in hundreds of different ways, even in the same set of electronic health records. Context-based reasoning can connect and standardize these references to optimize data for analytics. Extracting significantly greater value from data held by pharma and healthcare leaders, this process eliminates the end-user’s need to conduct costly clinical trials for additional data acquisition.

“Melissa Informatics is removing risk inherent in high-value, high-complexity data integrations, connecting with existing data that is underused and hidden in applications, files, and databases,” said Bob Stanley, formerly CEO of IO Informatics and taking on the role of senior director, customer projects, with Melissa Informatics. “Informatics provides a way to turn normal working data into research quality data without expensive, hands-on electronic data capture. Our virtual data capture technique can save pharma firms billions of dollars by avoiding clinical trials and augmenting data with freely available clinical enrichment data.”

As part of Melissa’s global operations, Melissa Informatics is optimized to meet customers’ data processing, support, and security needs worldwide. Melissa Informatics leverages geo-located servers for fast, efficient data performance, and is certified compliant to SOC2, HIPAA, and HITECH regulations. To connect with Melissa Informatics or members of Melissa’s global intelligence team, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.