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Melissa Brings Affordable KYC to Banking with Electronic ID Verification Platform

Flexible Identity Resolution and Anti-Fraud Capabilities Demo at #Money2020, Powering Mobile Onboarding, Watchlist Screening, and Global ID Verification

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – October 9, 2018 – Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and identity verification solutions, today announced its affordable Electronic ID Verification (eIDV) platform empowers banks of all sizes to reduce risk and modernize Know Your Customer (KYC) operations, an important shift in identity resolution and verification. Melissa’s comprehensive tools are easily and quickly integrated, enabling fintech and banking institutions to eliminate billions of dollars in losses, streamline and accelerate compliance, and exceed customer expectations for speedy transactions and simplified onboarding. Melissa’s eIDV platform is fully compliant to all major banking regulations, and performs identity resolution with capabilities such as national ID, age, and full contact data verification, data enrichment, and watchlist screening.

The platform’s newest features include fast and uniquely effective onboarding, based on dynamic Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and proprietary biometric facial recognition. Print information is quickly extracted to digital format, while customers are authenticated as alive and present. Additionally, powerful entity matching capabilities consolidate diverse data sources to ensure the most accurate single customer view (SCV) and uncover hidden relationships in customer data

Demonstrating their broad application across the financial industry, Melissa’s identity resolution technologies will be featured in a commercial broadcast campaign airing on CNN, Fox Business News, and other major networks. Melissa will also feature its tools and services for global identity resolution at Money 20/20, Booth 646, at The Venetian in Las Vegas, October 21-24, 2018. In addition to technology demos, Melissa will share customer success stories, featuring insight on how Metabank and car2go have utilized global verification services to protect against fraudulent identities and reduce cost. Click here to confirm an onsite technology briefing, or visit Melissa’s booth during regular show hours.

Click here for additional insights and technical details on Melissa’s global intelligence tools and services for global identity resolution, KYC, and anti-money laundering (AML). To connect with members of Melissa’s global intelligence team outside of our upcoming industry events, visit or call 1-800-MELISSA.

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