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Melissa Powers TopConnector, Map-Driven App Offering Detailed Data on More Than 110 Million Properties Nationwide

iPhone App Enables Simple Touch Access to Deep Information on Both Residential and Commercial Property, Whether or Not Listed For Sale

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF. – July 28, 2015 – Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and integration solutions, today introduced TopConnector, an iPhone app that incorporates Melissa’s extensive U.S. property database to provide detailed, up-to-date property and demographic data on more than 110 million business and neighborhood properties at the touch of a finger. Owned and developed by Mobile Data Books, LLC, TopConnector offers simple, mobile access to thorough data on properties whether or not they are listed for sale; information also includes detailed data on the people and businesses located at each property address.

“A simple screen touch to the roof of any property on the map instantly provides valuable data to any user such as homebuyers, real estate investors, sales professionals, insurers, lenders, product and service providers, or your basic neighborhood ‘looky-loo’,” said Ray Melissa, president, Melissa. “TopConnector’s mobile flexibility can expedite residential or commercial real estate deals, or simply allow the average consumer to learn more about businesses or neighbors in the area.”

“Most mobile real estate apps have been designed as a lead-generating portal, rather than to serve up excellent data,” said Constantine Vassil, founder of Mobile Data Books, LLC. “TopConnector is all about data integrity and specifically meets the needs of any user looking for affordable, reliable and comprehensive property information on the fly.” Vassil emphasized that although the app offers practical business uses, TopConnector can simply be a fun and easy way to find out information about people, businesses and properties in a neighborhood. “Residents who want to meet their neighbors can use TopConnector to find information such as owner names. Users can touch the roof of nearby shopping centers and see a list of stores in that complex.”

Details for residential properties include address, contact information, property specifics (size, age, date of last sale/price), property values, specific owner demographics (age, income levels, occupation, marital status, absentee owner status) and more. Commercial data includes business name, address and owner information, number of employees, key executives, annual sales figures, on-site contact information and more. Other convenient features include reverse phone look-up capability and touch connect for direct dial to listed contact information.

TopConnector is free for basic data, with time-based subscription levels offering unlimited premium data access. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with a minimum requirement of iOS 8.3 or later. Download is available from the App Store at