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Melissa Integrates Global Address Verification in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Data Quality Integration Eliminates Complex Programming and Development, Enables Enterprise Users to Cleanse, Verify and Enhance International Customer Data

Rancho Santa Margarita, CALIF – August 18, 2015 Melissa, a leading provider of global contact data quality and integration solutions, today announced its data quality integration for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, simplifying global address verification for enterprise users. Available as a pre-integrated package with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the Melissa plugin enables seamless global address verification capabilities without complex programming or development resources; users can verify, cleanse, transliterate, format and geocode addresses as they are entered, validating information for more than 240 countries and territories in real-time.

The plugin manages the fundamental business need for address verification in CRM systems; it is designed to maximize the value of correct, complete customer data for enterprises with a global audience and can be easily configured according to the specific CRM needs of the user. It also illustrates Melissa’s continued close working relationship with Microsoft, and is the latest step in Melissa’s long-term vision of providing easy integrations with the most ubiquitous CRM and customer data management systems.

“Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics are committed to marketing smarter and selling more effectively, yet often face hurdles in the costly and complex development process related to managing address data from all over the world. By offering a pre-packaged integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, we are dramatically simplifying the process and adding tangible value as business becomes more global in nature,” said Bud Walker, Vice President of Enterprise Sales and Strategy, Melissa. “Enterprise CRM users are clamoring for global address verification, and this integration is essential in enhancing and validating customer information in real time as it enters the master CRM system.”

Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables companies with business intelligence and provides a platform for the most productive customer relationships. With the integrated Melissa plugin, international addresses are validated and cleansed at the point of entry, corrected and standardized into the official postal format of each geographic locale, and appended with missing components such as postal codes or region. Users bypass the need to manage APIs, web services or extended code modules that link to a third party library of address data, and can customize fields to accommodate their CRM needs. To download a free trial of Melissa’s Global Address Verification solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, click here or call 1-800-MELISSA (635-4772).