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Melissa Data Announces Enhancements to its MatchUp Data Cleansing and Matching Tool

MatchUp v3 features advanced fuzzy matching algorithms and new proximity matching to consolidate data and improve the effectiveness of data mining and business intelligence

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif., – Melissa Data Melissa, a leading provider of contact data quality and direct marketing solutions, today announced MatchUp v3, a powerful programming tool that identifies and eliminates duplicate customer records. As many as 10 percent of the contact records in the average database are duplicates. Eliminating these duplicates and linking customer data supports a better understanding of each individual customer and their relationship to the business – enhancing customer service, reducing, costs, managing risk and increasing profitability.

“New, advanced matching capabilities now enable you to identify matches between records where data cannot visibly be determined as a match,” said Bud Walker, director of data quality solutions for Melissa Data. “Through the use of geocoding addresses, specifying a minimum unit difference between numeric data types, or specifying a date range, MatchUp can now group records with no common data into the same duplicate group.”

Proximity Matching
MatchUp v3 now features a proximity match component type, which accepts a set of latitude and longitude mappings enabling you to match the closest consumers to the business location. Previously, the geo-coordinates required an exact match. Now, the proximity Matchcode component allows a user to set a range (in miles) that records will match if they are within that range.

New Fuzzy Algorithms
Business practices sometimes require specific algorithms. In addition to the current selection of fuzzy algorithms, MatchUp v3 has added 11 new fuzzy algorithms — including Jaro-Winkler, Dice’s Coefficient, n-gram, Needleman-Wunch, and Jaccard Similarity — giving users more flexibility to create the matching strategies needed to dedupe and cleanse data assets.

MatchUp v3 joins a comprehensive line of 32/64 Bit, multiplatform APIs that Microsoft developers can integrate into their applications for data verification and enrichment of contact data. These APIs can perform address verification, phone verification, email address verification, name parsing and genderizing, IP location, and geocoding to name a few.