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Melissa Data’s Contact Zone™ Available Now

Unique Console Enables Quick, Easy Data Quality Management

Rancho Santa Margarita, Calif., Feb. 20, 2012 Melissa, a leading provider of contact data quality and integration solutions, today announced availability of Contact Zone, its open source data integration software optimized for sophisticated contact data quality. Contact Zone’s uniquely simple approach to data quality incorporates a streamlined graphical user interface enabling data transformations mapped from any type of source database to any type of data warehouse.

“As more and more organizations work to improve operational costs, increase revenues and manage risks by capitalizing on their return on data, they realize that the quality of the data itself is essential to making those objectives reality,” said Bud Walker, Director of Data Quality Solutions, Melissa Data. “Without processes in place to systematically validate and update constantly-changing contact information, data quality quickly deteriorates. An accurate, single view of these critical information assets can dramatically reduce waste while significantly improving customer communication and business intelligence efforts.”

With Contact Zone, users do not need the extensive programming skills or technical understanding of programming languages commonly required to integrate data quality tools. By applying a simple drag-and-drop tool through an intuitive visual interface, Contact Zone users easily target the data to be cleaned. U.S. and Canada addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses are easily parsed, validated and corrected for improved segmentation and targeting. Records are updated with U.S. and Canada change-of-address information to help companies stay in touch with moving customers, maximize postal discounts, and reduce undeliverable-as-addressed mail.

Contact Zone is available on disk or via download; click here. For information on a free trial download of Contact Zone call 1-800-MELISSA (800-635-4772).