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Melissa Data Announces SmartMover Component for Microsoft SSIS Data Quality and Enrichment

New tool saves money and reduces waste by allowing businesses to reach more U.S and Canadian customers

SEATTLE, PASS Summit 2011 (October 11, 2011) Melissa, a leading provider of contact data quality and integration solutions, will introduce its SmartMover Component for Microsoft’s SQL Server® Integration Services (SSIS) at PASS Summit 2011. SmartMover provides unique functionality to SSIS, allowing users to update U.S. and Canadian customer records with new move updated addresses.

“Every year, approximately 40 million individuals, families and businesses move in the U.S.,” said Greg Brown, director of marketing for Melissa Data. “SmartMover helps businesses stay in contact with their moving customers, while reducing wasted time, money, and postage on undeliverable-as-addressed mail (UAA).”

Benefits of the SmartMover Component:

  • Identify undeliverable and incomplete addresses
  • Lower postage, printing, and mail preparation costs
  • Increase the speed of USPS® and Canada Post processing and mail delivery
  • Reduce undeliverable mail by getting the most current address data
  • Meet USPS Move Update requirements for First-Class™ and Standard Mail® discounts

  • SmartMover joins an already strong line of data transformation components from Melissa Data for SSIS, including the Contact Verification Component, Fuzzy Matching Component and Data Profiling Component.

    The Contact Verification Component was just given a 5 star review by SQL Server Magazine.

    “If you need to validate and enhance your company’s contact information the Contact Verification component makes it almost effortless,” stated Brian Erlich in his SQL Server Magazine review. “The component is easy to install. More important, it’s easy to use, thanks to the integration with SSIS.”

    All of these components together represent the company’s Data Quality Components for SSIS which will be available at PASS Summit 2011. No programming or development time is needed, and data stewards can be up and running in minutes – cleansing and enriching existing contact data for better marketing results and better decision making.

    For more information on SmartMover or other Data Quality Components for SSIS, please click here or call Melissa Data at: 1-800-MELISSA (800-635-4772).