Data Processing Services that Optimize Your Business Data & Maximize ROI

Data needs to be clean, up-to-date and complete to be useful for your business needs. Melissa is proud to offer a comprehensive suite of data processing services to cleanse, dedupe and enrich postal and email lists for omni-channel success.

Melissa’s exclusive range of data processing services includes:

List Hygiene US
  • NCOALink (Change of Address)
  • CASS/DPV (Delivery Point Validation)
  • DSF2 (Walk Sequencing)
  • mCOA/pCOA (Non-USPS Change of Address)
  • Deduping
  • DMA (Do Not Mail) Suppression
  • Deceased Suppression
  • Global Address Verification
  • Canada NCOA
  • International NCOA
Data Appends US
  • Email Append: Consumer & Business
  • Reverse Email Append
  • Demographic Append
  • Firmographic Append
  • Geocoding
  • Property Append
  • Phone Append: Consumer & Business
  • Mobile Phone Append
  • Reverse Phone Append
  • NAICS/SIC Coding
  • Social Media Append
  • Canada Phone Append: Consumer
  • Global Geocoding

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Superior Service & Results
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