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Real-world clinical and healthcare research data is unusually valuable, but it is also unusually complex and diverse. Life science research data deals with diverse terminologies and ever-evolving patient data that even the most disciplined clinical practices will generate dirty data. Solve those complex data quality problems with the best AI-enabled products. Melissa combines over 35 years of deep domain knowledge with the latest in machine learning and reasoning to provide tools that work for you.

6-Step Guide to Turn Clinical Data into Gold For Better Patient Care & New Revenue

Read our 6-Step Guide to turn your disconnected and dirty laboratory and clinical study data into a clean, unified data resource, and learn how Melissa Informatics can help you tap your under-used data goldmine.

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Melissa Capabilities

Healthcare Data Quality - Master Data Integration & Management

Master Data Integration & Management

Utilize semantic technology to integrate data and solve common knowledge and project management problems.

Healthcare Data Quality - Contact Data Quality

Contact Data Quality

Validate, correct and standardize an individual’s address, name, phone, and email, and merge duplicate records for a 360-degree view of patient information.

Healthcare Data Quality - Identity Verification

Identity Verification

Verify an individual’s identity including SSN/National ID check, age verification and date of birth/date of death.

Healthcare Data Quality - Location Intelligence & Patient Insight

Location Intelligence & Patient Insight

Add latitude/longitude coordinates to postal addresses, demographics and property data for enhanced insight and analysis.

Healthcare Data Quality - Drug Name Autocompletion

Drug Name Autocompletion

Autocomplete drug names during data entry to save time, mitigate data entry errors and avoid confusion.

Healthcare Data Quality - Drug Data Enrichment

Drug Data Enrichment

Enhance your data repository regularly with new drug information, issued warnings, recent discoveries, DDI (Drug-Drug Interaction), and ADE (Adverse Drug Effects).

Healthcare Data Quality - Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

Access the most useful, comprehensive, integrated data (“content”), terminology standards (“lexicons”) and semantic data models (“ontologies”) for drugs, genes, proteins and diseases.

Healthcare Data Quality - Data Linkage & Harmonization

Data Linkage & Harmonization

Utilize patented machine reasoning and reference ontologies to identify and establish common terms, units and formats.

Healthcare Data Quality - Data Standardization

Data Standardization

Standardize and reformat drug and patient information regardless of format, location or language.

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