Health Data Harmonization

Turn Siloed Data into Actionable Information that Supports Critical Decisions

Some complain that the EHR provides lots of data, but no information. That’s because data locked in silos has limited value. Melissa Informatics unique blend of data quality and data harmonization solutions unlock that value by cleaning up and linking previously disconnected datasets to support unified search, analysis and reporting. Our solutions utilize patented machine reasoning and reference ontologies “out-of-the-box” to identify and establish common terminology, units and formatting so that data is connected, accurate and complete. The result? Easy searching across datasets and confident interpretation.

  • Unlock the value in your EHR/EMR by normalizing terms, units & formats
  • Ensure true interoperability across the enterprise improve research, collaboration & patient care
  • Link disconnected silos to complete a 360-degree view of patient information to improve decision making & reduce repetitive testing
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Melissa Informatics Data Harmonization Solutions

Sentient Suite Visually access, explore, query, and report your data from multiple sources to uncover hidden relationships and stimulate innovation. Learn More
Druginator Autcomplete drug names during data entry and add additional information about drugs or lists of drugs to improve health data quality and patient care. Learn More
Knowledge Hub Access the most useful, comprehensive, integrated data (“content”), terminology standards (“lexicons”) and semantic data models (“ontologies”) for drugs, genes, proteins and diseases. Learn More
Contact Data Quality Validate, correct and standardize an individual’s name, address, phone and email, and merge duplicate records for a 360-degree view of patient information. Learn More