Sharp data for incisive insight, Smart tools for decisive action.

Druginator validates millions of pharmaceutical names, variants, dosages, and spellings against a pharmacopeia to save time, clear confusion, and mitigate errors.

190+ Different variations, spellings and compounds we discovered within a single electronic medical records (EMR) system for a common drug in treating Parkinson’s:

Sinemet (Carbidopa-Levodopa)

Commonly prescribed drugs may be spelled similarly or sound alike, and hard-to-pronounce chemical names are even more difficult to spell.

For a patient, this can mean the difference between life and death. The accuracy of tiny differences in mission critical healthcare informatics has crucial implications on patient analysis and treatment outcomes.

Drug Cleansing & Append

  • Enforce data governance standards at the point of ingestion by removing ambiguities on drug data entry.

Drug Identification & Profiling

  • Establish a pharmacopeia repository with metadata of drugs, their uses and information about them.
  • Segment and consolidate information to classify drug general usage or bioequivalence at prescription.
  • Organize pharmacological data like clinical success rates, pricing, update from old formats, and break down names to components.

Drug & Enrichment

  • Regularly enhance data repository with new drug information, recent discoveries, issued warnings, or other information to ensure Rx decisions are founded on the best available information.
  • Buttress pharmacovigilance in data marts by enriching and appending existing entries for information on allergies, DDI (Drug-Drug Interaction) and ADE (Adverse Drug Effects)

Drug Semantics & Harmonization

  • Patented semantic technology offers interoperability of information from linked databases.
  • Standardize and reformat drug information mined from textual data or multiple linked databases regardless of format and language.
  • Resolve ambiguities throughout data entities and merge associated drug names and compounds.
  • Harmonized information from disparate data warehouses offers usable drug resources in strategic data marts.
  • Harness the power of machine reasoning to find unseen, indirect or inferred linkages.
  • Produce a formulary – an official list giving details of medicines that may be prescribed taking all of the information into account, quickly and efficiently to offer immediate answers to life threatening situations.
  • The best of human knowledge and machine reasoning for better insight enhances pharmacological research and usage while mitigating DDI & ADE scenarios.

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