Autocomplete and Validate Drug Data Entry to Improve Pharmacometrics & Healthcare Informatics

Druginator is a cloud API that validates pharmaceutical names, variants and spellings against a pharmacopeia to save time, mitigate data entry errors and avoid confusion. You can also add additional information about a drug or list of drugs, such as dose, route, disease indication and more. Druginator is ideal for cleaning up and identifying all of the drug terminology in your EMR records, internal data or recently acquired new data sources.

  • Easily clean up “dirty” drug data and identify FDA-approved standard terms (e.g., Aspirin – Acetylsalicylic Acid)
  • Organize, segment and consolidate drug general usage or bioequivalence at prescription
  • Standardize and reformat drug information from larger datasets
  • Improve drug data quality for financial services, healthcare, life sciences, oil and gas research, law enforcement/intelligence and other industries and applications
  • Available purchase options include: single fee, pay-as-you-go, and subscriptions
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Commonly prescribed drugs may be spelled similarly or sound alike, and hard-to-pronounce chemical names are even more difficult to spell. For a patient, this can mean life or death. The accuracy Druginator can provide to ensure consistent drug spellings and equivalents has crucial implications on patient analysis and treatment outcomes.
Druginator utilizes data quality and machine reasoning to check and verify drug names as well as find alternate names and variations through inferred linkage.

Druginator Capabilities

Drug Cleansing & Append Autocomplete drug names and enforce data governance standards at the point of ingestion by removing ambiguities on drug data entry.
Drug Identification & Profiling Establish a pharmacopeia repository with metadata of drugs and their uses and classify general drug usage or bioequivalence at prescription.
Drug Enrichment Enhance your data repository regularly with new drug information, issued warnings, recent discoveries, DDI (Drug-Drug Interaction) and ADE (Adverse Drug Effects) for pharmacovigilance and to ensure Rx decisions are founded on the best available information.
Drug Semantics & Harmonization Utilize patented semantic technology to harmonize link databases, ensure interoperability, resolve drug name and compound ambiguities, and standardize and reformat drug information regardless of format or language.