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Data is one of the most valuable assets you have—accurate, high quality customer data empowers your business to meet all of your customers’ important needs. With good data, you can do business with anyone, anywhere in the world and deliver exactly the experience necessary not only to help drive sales, but to improve loyalty, trade, business intelligence, technology, logistics, and more. But the truth is, all data goes bad (up to 25% per year), whether due to data entry errors or the simple fact that consumers change jobs, move, update email addresses, marry, etc. At Melissa, we help companies harness the value of their Big Data, legacy data, and people data (names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails) to drive insight, maintain data quality, and support global intelligence.

Our mission is to empower data-driven organizations with accurate, affordable solutions to an ever-growing, international network of customers. Since 1985, over 10,000 companies across the world have counted on us to transform their businesses with trusted, reliable, accurate information that can be used throughout the enterprise.

Our Brands

We give our customers global intelligence solutions needed to unlock accurate data to grow business and increase ROI. Our brands provide the right technology and expertise to gain critical insight and drive meaningful customer relationships.

Melissa Direct is the one source for all the direct marketing tools you need to improve customer communications and drive response rates. From SaaS and desktop mailing software, to list hygiene services, to targeted mailing lists and sales leads, and email marketing and data append services, Melissa Direct will help you boost sales, increase conversions, and achieve maximum ROI – whatever your budget.

Melissa Developer is designed to provide software developers access to ready-to-use APIs to solve business problems and fuel growth. Melissa Developer assists in rapid application development, easy and convenient scalablility, and flexible payment options to free funds for core business operations.

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