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Address & Street Data
Verifies, corrects & appends Names, Addresses, Phones and Emails. Updates address of movers.

Address Check
Cut & paste an address for quick & easy verification. Express Entry for fast & accurate address entry.

House Number by ZIP
Use this address finder if you know the ZIP and the house or building number.

Street Name by ZIP
Find any address by street name.

Global Address Check
Verify, Check & Correct addresses worldwide.
For batch jobs use Listware.
Property Viewer
Click on a map of Properties and get information about the Owner and Resident or Business.

Batch Address Check
Verifies & corrects addresses in a batch from a spreadsheet.
** Listware Online **
Property Info
Owner's name, assessed value, mortgage amount, sales price & more. Subscribers only.

Geocoder (Lat/Long)
Get the latitude & longitude for a 5 or 9-digit ZIP Code.

Radius Searches
ZIP Codes in a Radius
Get a list of the ZIPs in radius from a center ZIP Code.

Carrier Routes Radius
Displays the Carrier Routes in a radius with delivery counts.

Area Codes in a Radius
Displays a list of Area Code + Prefix combinations in a radius.

Everything ZIP Codes
ZIP / City / Phone
Get geographic & demographic info related to a ZIP, city or phone.

Carrier Routes and ZIP+4 by ZIP
Get a list of Carrier Routes and ZIP+4 by 5-digit ZIP Code.

Distance Between ZIPs
Find distance in miles between two 5-digit ZIPs in the U.S.

ZIP Codes by County
Get a list of ZIPs by county.

ZIP Codes by City
Get a list of ZIP Codes with addresses in a city.

ZIP+4 Code
Names, addresses and phones in a ZIP+4 Code. Subscribers only.

Latitude & Longitude to Address
Enter a latitude & longitude point, get nearest ZIP+4 Code.

Home Sales by ZIP Code
The number of home sales and average price by ZIP Code. Updated monthly.

Mailers Online

MAILERS Online is an end-to-end mailing solution to prepare USPS compliant direct mail with minimal effort. It includes these services:
  • CASS & PAVE Certified
  • 48 Month NCOA
  • Removes duplicates
  • First & Standard Class
  • Destination Discounts
  • Profit & Nonprofit
  • Postal Reports
  • Up to 1,000 Free Credits every month

Marketing Data
Personator Search
Find People Nationwide by name, address, phone or email.

Global Phone Check
Verify Global Phone numbers worldwide.

Business Coder
Lookup any company in the U.S. Get annual sales, number employees & type of business.

Global Email Check
Verify an email address and get associated name & mailing address.

IP Location
Find city, state and country of an IP address worldwide.

Business Counts by ZIP
Get a list of business counts and SIC codes by ZIP Code.

SIC Codes
Get counts of businesses based on type or SIC code by state, county and city

Nearest Post Office
Find closest Post Office that accepts bulk mail.

Listware Online

  • Address Check & Correct
  • U.S, Canada & Global
  • Move Update
  • Email & Phone Verify
  • Demographics
  • Property Information
  • Geocoding
  • Date of Birth & Death
  • Excel & Online versions
  • Up to 1,000 Free Credits every month
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Federal Resources
Nonprofit Organizations
Get information on nonprofits by ZIP, Name or Tax I.D.

Public Schools
Get information on schools by name, district, or location.

Death Check
Search for a person that has died in the last 24 months.

Campaign Contributors
Find contributors to federal campaigns by ZIP Code.

Listware Desktop

All the power of Listware on your desktop. Verify, correct & enhance Names, Address, Phone & Emails. This free program is open sourced, allowing your programmers to adapted it your needs. Written in C#, it is fully documented

Free Download

Statistics & Averages
Climate Average
Find daily and monthly average temps and rain fall by ZIP Code.

Contact Zone ETL

Contact Zone is a powerful extraction, transform and load (ETL) program that makes data cleansing easy and fast. Verify names, addresses, phone, emails, IP's, businesses and properties.

Free Download

Maps and Aerial Views
ZIP Code Maps
5-digit ZIP Code boundary maps.

Carrier Route Maps
Boundary map of a Postal Carrier Route.

Global Postal Code Maps
Postcode boundaries overlaid on a map of the country with cities and roads.

Carrier Routes by ZIP
Displays Carrier Routes within a map of a 5-digit ZIP Code.

County Maps
Displays a county boundary map with cities, towns & roads.

Place Maps
Displays city, town & CDP boundary maps & demographics.

School District Maps
Displays public school district boundary maps.

Congress Maps
Maps of congressional districts & information on representatives.

State Legislative Maps
Maps state upper & lower house districts.

Census Tract Maps
Maps of Census tracts.

Census Block Maps
Displays a map overlaid with a census block boundary & address markers.

County Subdivision Maps
Displays boroughs, townships, villages, districts & barrios

Neighborhood Maps
Maps of neighborhoods by State.