Geocode are Latitude/longitude Coordinates of a street address
Geocodes are Latitude & longitude Coordinates of a street address, which can be used to place markers on a map.

Geocoding is the process of converting a street address into latitude/longitude coordinates, or geocodes, which can be used to place markers on a map. Geocoding is a useful tool when it comes to shipping and logistics - the precision and increased accuracy it provides can help reduce shipping costs and waste. In addition, geocoding can:

  • Improve targeted marketing efforts and define sales territories with accurate radius search
  • Provide a detailed profile of customers when combined with Census Tract and Block Number data with Census-based demographic data
  • Power more effective business intelligence with accurate analytics on spatial data, saturation rates, unmet demand, and web traffic by geolocation.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by powering store locators and local search lookups

One way to find your geolocation is to simply perform a lookup online. Melissa’s Geocoder Lookup tool returns latitude, longitude, county, census tract and block data based on an address or ZIP Code. Simply enter the address or ZIP Code into the easy-to-use Lookups interface and submit. Learn more and get started with Melissa Lookups.

Why Melissa?

Melissa’s GeoCoder provides precise rooftop geocodes for 95% of all physical addresses in the U.S. and over 240 countries worldwide. In addition, we ensure address accuracy by correcting spelling errors and filling in the gaps with missing components to provide even more precise results. GeoCoder offers three levels of geocoding accuracy to meet every need and budget:

  • Rooftop-Level: The highest level of geocoding, with accuracy down to the addresses’ front door. It is an ideal solution for insurance and tax jurisdictions, risk exposure analysis, delivery routing and many more use-cases that require a highly precise view of address information.

  • ZIP+4 Code-Level: Covers an area of about 10-20 households, making it still easy to spot demographic and segmentation patterns to target customers more effectively and power store locators for your business.

  • ZIP Code-Level: Covers geographical area and city boundaries to see the general area where your customers are located usually within a few miles. It is best utilized to plan local or geographic-based marketing campaigns and e-commerce product planning.
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