Stop Bad Data from Entering Your Systems and Ensure Records are Up-to-Date and Complete

Personator Consumer is the leading address verification and standardisation solution for UK and international customer data. In addition, Personator Consumer can check that phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers (SSN)and full names are valid and associated with a particular individual – providing easy, cost-effective identity resolution.

  • Verify, Standardise & correct postal addresses with Royal Mail, USPS, CASS & Canada Post SERP Certified address engine
  • Confirm the name given matches the postal address, email address, or phone number
  • Update missing contact information and/or change of address information
  • Add consumer demographic and company firmographic data for better lead scoring, greater insight& informed business decisions
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The most important contribution Melissa has made is in our knowing who our customers are Alistair Cruickshank @ Z1 Motorsports

4 Key Differentiators


We are the Address Experts

We are the address experts with more than 35 years of experience. Our unique address verification engine is certified by the Royal Mail, USPS and other postal authorities and implements cutting-edge artificial intelligence and fuzzy matching to ensure your addresses are correct, up-to-date, and deliverable.

Personator Personator Consumer - Address Expert with certifications by the USPS and Canada Post
Personator Conusmer API Provides Multi-sourced Data All in One Interface


One Source for Multiple Data Enhancements

Personator Consumer’s billions of constantly updating records and multi-sourced International Census information precision location data, US Census information, demographics, IP location, and proprietary change of address data, as well as email and landline/mobile phone append – all in one interface.


Quick Identity Checking

Personator Consumer can quickly verify a given name is associated with a physical address or other contact data, and will confirm an input DOB or SSN matches a name for quick, cost-effective identity resolution during new customer sign-ups or purchases.


Flexible to Meet Your Needs

Personator Consumer is available anywhere you need it - as a REST based API, Plugins for CRM like Salesforce, ETL/DI SSIS, Pentaho, Talend, Ecommerce platforms, or through SaaS applications.

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