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We Deliver Mailing Solutions to Keep Profits Up and Costs Down

Take a hard look at your company’s mailing initiatives. Are your campaigns reaching the right audience? Are they reaching anyone at all? Are duplicate or dirty data records clogging up your otherwise solid direct mail efforts? Collectively, stale and inaccurate contact data or sales leads create a negative impact on business mailing efforts. The contact information in your database must be in a consistent and correct format to get the most return on investment.

Melissa offers mailing solutions designed to make your direct mail campaigns more productive and profitable, so the right customers and prospects receive your communications. Save up to 65% in postage and printing, earn maximum postal discounts, reduce Undeliverable-as-Addressed (UAA) mail, and speed postal processing and delivery. Meet all USPS® requirements for discounted mailings with CASS™/DPV®, PAVE™, and NCOALink® processing.

Mailing Lists and Sales Leads

By narrowing or broadening your focus, you can reach more prospects at the best moment when they are most in need of your services. Melissa’s highly targeted mailing lists and sales leads are available for immediate download, providing you 24/7 access to find the leads that work best for you. We offer a large selection of specialty lists to support your telemarketing and direct mail efforts.

List APIs

Melissa’s LeadGen Cloud APIs can be integrated into your custom application and used to get counts and pull targeted lists for Consumers, Businesses, Occupants, or Property Owners. LeadGen is ideal for high-volume List Buyers and Brokers for internal or retail use. You can purchase immediately online 24/7 and be invoiced at regular intervals.

Get access to a multisourced database of over 14 million businesses, from home-based to key decision makers in Fortune 500 companies, along with phone and FAX numbers.

Get counts and select from nearly 200 million households nationwide, with categories like household income, age group, and homeowner/renter status.

Property Owners:
Select by geography (ZIP Code™, radius, county, etc.), property type, property value, mortgage data/amount, owner type (including absentee owners), and more.

Pull saturation/occupant data, otherwise known as “Occ/Res,” or “Walk Sequence” lists to saturate one or more carrier routes, ZIP™ Codes, or addresses in a radius.

Mailing Software

Melissa's solutions for Mailing Software help scrub your data, verify it, correct it, and even append what's missing. Increase the quality of your address databases with move-update processing, speed postal processing and delivery, get the lowest postage rates and eliminate costly duplicates and undeliverable mail.

The leading bulk mail software to increase mail delivery at the lowest postage rates.

This cloud-based NCOALink® CASS™ & PAVE™ Certified mailing solution helps prepare USPS compliant direct mail with minimal effort.

Presorting API:
Melissa’s Presort Object® sorts mailing lists that are processed with a current CASS Certified engine for ZIP + 4® codes.

This affordable address verification tool provides ZIP+4, carrier route, and more for 123 million addresses nationwide.

Change-of-Address Processing

Update the addresses of U.S., Canadian, and international customers that have recently moved – before you mail – to reduce wasted printing and postage associated with undeliverable-as-addressed mail. Our services even include hard-to-reach contacts who may not have reported their moves to the USPS.

Canadian National Change-of-Address:
SmartMover® Canada NCOA processes over 1 million household and business records over the past 72 months.

SmartMover validates name and address data and checks against USPS certified records for up to 48 months.

Non USPS Change-of-Address (mCOA/pCOA):
Reach the additional 40% of movers who didn’t report their move to the USPS, with address data going back up to 30 years.

International NCOA:
Track customers who move in countries around the world, like France, Germany, the UK, Austria, Ireland, and more.

Dedupe Software

Melissa’s deduplication software features advanced fuzzy matching algorithms to find and remove complex duplicate data in both U.S. and international records. With patented geographic proximity matching, Melissa's distance algorithm uses latitude, longitude, and proximity thresholds to eliminate duplicates. Split fields, assign priorities, and process varied file structures with ease.

CASS verify, household, and dedupe your records without losing time due to manipulating files into the same format.

Customer Profiling

Profile the look-alike attributes of your current customers, and get recommendations for prospects based on the customer data you provide. This extensive report includes over 30 strategically important demographic elements, including geography, age, gender, country of origin, income, marital status, family size, children, home ownership, buying behavior, social networking, auto info, and more.

Customer Look-Alike Report