Reference Data

Access authoritative reference data compiled from multiple providers to verify and enrich your existing data for the U.S. and Canada. Call 1-800-Melissa now.

MelissaDirect data sets offer complete location information on U.S., Canadian and global addresses to ensure you have the accurate, detailed data for analytics insight and sound business decisions.

  • Complete your master address file for improved visualization, resource allocation and route planning
  • Enrich records with valuable demographic, firmographic and geographic data
  • Improve data entry accuracy by instantly verifying a ZIP code at point of entry and add city and state information

Global Address Data
Detailed address data for U.S., Canada, France Germany Italy, Spain, Portugal, and Slovenia.

ZIP*Data (U.S.)
Verify 5-digit ZIP Codes & Append City, State, Latitude/Longitude & Census Demographics.

Geo*Data (U.S.)
Append Latitude & Longitude coordinates to the ZIP+4 for mapping, distance, & targeting applications.

Fone*Data (U.S. + CANADA)
Area Codes & Phone Prefixes for U.S. & Canada. Append Latitude, Longitude, and ZIP Code data.

Canadian Geo*Data
Canadian Postal Code Database. Append Postal Codes, Area Codes, Latitude, Longitude, Time Zones & more...

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