Reference Data

Access authoritative reference data compiled from multiple providers to verify and enrich your existing data for the U.S. and Canada. Call 1-800-Melissa now.

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MelissaDirect data sets offer complete location info on U.S., Canadian and global addresses to ensure you have the accurate, detailed data for analytics insight and sound business decisions.

  • Complete your master address file for improved visualization, resource allocation and route planning
  • Enrich records with valuable demographic, firmographic and geographic data
  • Improve data entry accuracy by instantly verifying a ZIP code at point of entry and add city and state information

Global Address Database (GAD)
Provides detailed address and location data on more than 190 million U.S. addresses.

Add lat/long coordinates to the ZIP+4® level for mapping, distance and targeting applications.

Verify 5-digit ZIP® Codes and append city, state, lat/long coordinates and census demographics.

Provides all the area codes and phone prefixes for the United States and Canada, appends lat/long and ZIP® Code data.

Canadian Geo*Data
Use this Canadian postal code database to append postal codes, area codes, lat/long coordinates, time zones, and more.

Global Geo*Postcode Data
Provides ZIP/postal codes, administrative divisions, statistical units, reference codes, time zones, elevations and, for selected countries, neighborhoods, suburbs and streets.

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