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Additional Melissa credits can be purchased on-demand, 24/7. See below for available tiers.

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All transactions are in USD (United States Dollar). The Currency Conversion Rates should not be relied upon as actual currency conversion rates that may be applied to any particular transaction as such rates will frequently fluctuate over time and vary between various financial providers.

Melissa reserves the right to change either the required number of credits for a particular service or individual credit cost at its discretion and without notice. Melissa shall prioritize maintaining consistency and fairness with respect to such changes, however, market conditions or other external factors may require Melissa to make adjustments as necessary.

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Choosing Auto-Refill means we will automatically charge your credit card when you have a credit deficit. At any time, you can log in to your account and disable or enable this auto-refill setting.

Credit Expiration Notice:
The Credit Balance will be reset to 0 if there is no activity (consumes/purchases) within one year.

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For volume transactions and full deployments call 1-800-MELISSA. Designed for customers that require stability, guaranteed uptime and speed.

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At the beginning of the month, we’ll top off your account with up to 1000 free credits.

Melissa Lookups, Listware, Clean Suite for CRM, and Mailers Online also work with Credits. You can use your credits with any of these products as well!

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It's on us — Melissa issues 1,000 free credits to its users every month! Sign up today and enjoy 1,000 credits. Enjoy your favorite Melissa services, such as Mailers Online, Melissa Lookups, and so much more!