Address Verification / CASS Processing

Lower Postage Rates and Increase Mailing Accuracy

Address Verification / CASS Processing is Available as an Automated FTP Service

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Address Verification / CASS Processing

Clean address data is critical to deliverability and the success of your direct mail campaigns. Our Service Bureau will CASS process your mailing lists by matching the addresses in your mail file to the monthly updated USPS® National Address file, adding the correct ZIP+4 postal codes and standardizing to meet USPS CASS requirements.

  • Ensure mailings are sent to valid addresses to help save time and money
  • Get the necessary postal automation codes to qualify mailings for bulk postage discounts
  • Includes DPV, LACSLink, SuiteLink (adds known apartment numbers) and CASS Summary Report (PS Form 3553)

Address Verification / CASS Pricing

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Address Verification / CASS Processing


Address Verification / CASS Processing

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CRRT, DPBC, Address Error, ZIP+4

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