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MAILERS+4® Postal Automation Software (CASS, PAVE & SERP Certified)

Say goodbye to undeliverable mail, duplicate addresses, and high postage costs

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MAILERS+4 Postal Automation Software

Mail that is Undeliverable as Addressed (UAA) is a costly problem—as costly as $1.4 billion annually in the U.S. alone. According to research, 76% of all UAA mail is addressed to consumers who have moved recently, and the other 24% is made up of incorrectly formatted or invalid addresses, like ones that have an incorrect ZIP Code or are missing suite or apartment numbers.

Take the struggle out of these postal problems with MAILERS+4 postal automation software, which verifies and standardizes U.S. and Canadian addresses, removes duplicates, performs change-of-address processing, and presorts mail so you get the best discount every time you send.

  • Reduce UAA mail by CASS and NCOALink® processing your mailing lists, updating outdated addresses, and verifying addresses are valid and complete
  • Add missing data like ZIP codes, carrier routes, delivery points, and suite and apt numbers to ensure accurate and speedy deliveries
  • Eliminate duplicates to save on costs associated with waste
  • Presort your mailing lists to mail more efficiently and less expensively

Ways to Access MAILERS+4

Data Cleansing 


How it Works

MAILERS+4 is an all-in-one software built for professional mailers that need the full arsenal of data verification, postal presorts and postal reporting. It is the perfect mailing software that can save your thousands of dollars in postal discounts each year, bring ZIP+4 accuracy to your database with Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and dramatically lower your undeliverable mail. For lower volume mailers we also have a Standard Version of MAILERS+4 to meet your needs and budget.

CASS Certified Cleansing Engine

Scrub your data clean—easily. Through our CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System) Certified engine, all postal addresses are standardized, corrected, and verified to ensure deliverability.

In order to be certified as deliverable by CASS standards, addresses must first be standardized. By correcting addresses to USPS® formats and appending missing contact data, every piece of mail is more likely to be delivered. Standardization fixes issues in abbreviation (Avenue to AVE, # to STE or APT), spelling (from Pheonix to Phoenix), city name unification (Manhattan to New York), and data completion (from 91762 to Ontario, CA, 91762-9741).

Once an address is standardized, MAILERS+4 will check for correctness. If any ZIP codes, ZIP+4® codes, or carrier routes are missing, our software appends it. Corrected information comes from DPV® (Delivery Point Validation), LACSLink® (Locatable Address Conversion System), and SuiteLink® files to confirm accuracy. By encoding an 11-digit delivery point barcode into the intelligent mail barcode with DVP, converting rural routes into locatable addresses for emergency efficiency with LACS, and adding suite numbers to businesses in highrises and buildings with multiple offices with SuiteLink, you’ll get the best address output possible.

Now that your addresses are standardized and completed, verify they are deliverable by comparing given locations to lists of addresses that have changed and addresses that USPS considers valid. If a location is vacant for 90 days or more, you’ll know before you print postage or mail to save money. Our verification also checks again the EWS (Early Warning System) file for addresses that will be added to the USPS ZIP+4 Code master file in the coming months, such as housing developments and new construction.

Process your mailing list through Melissa's CASS Certified systems, and it will help you qualify letter and flat-sized mail pieces for Full Service presort and automation rates.

Melissa's PAVE Gold Certified Postal Presorting with MAILERS+4
Melissa's PAVE Gold Certified Postal Presorting with MAILERS+4 will presort your mail so you can qualify for the lowest postage possible with every campaign.

PAVE Gold Certified Postal Presorting

The PAVE (Presort Accuracy, Validation, and Evaluation) Gold-Certified engine in MAILERS+4 will presort your mail so you can qualify for the lowest postage possible with every campaign. Take advantage of discounts for First-Class™, USPS Marketing Mail™ (Standard Mail®), Profit/Nonprofit, and Periodicals mailings. Our MAILERS+4 software undergoes rigorous manual and electronic reviews. These extensive regulations ensure compliance with Domestic Mail Manual (DMM)® standards, as well as in-depth examinations to test mailing sequencing routines, barcoded container tags, and more.

The MAILERS+4 palletization component features indispensible presorting capabilities for First-Class Mail Letter (Auto, Non-auto, Nonmachine), First-Class Flats (CoTray), Marketing Mail Letter (ECRRT; Auto, Non-auto, Non-machine), and Marketing Mail Flats (ECRRT, CoSack). With palletization, you will reduce material handling and cost and even optimize mail for drop ship capability. Along with postal presorts, add-on palletization options are also available for high-volume sends.

NCOALink® Change-of-Address Processing

Licensed by the USPS, the NCOALink (National Change-of-Address) is an address correction service that matches lists of movers given to The Postal Service® against multisourced computerized information to ensure mail is deliverable to each address. With NCOA, you get real-time access to the USPS NCOALink database of over 160 million mover records dating back 48 months. MAILERS+4 also provides access to the Canadian NCOA database of over 11 million mover records dating back 72 months, to meet Canada Post® standards.

Update and correct addresses before you mail to save on printing and shipping costs in the U.S. and to Canada, and ensure you reach every customer, every time. You’ll also prevent re-mailings, reduce UAA mail, and provide speedier shipping and mail deliveries.

Through MAILERS+4’s NCOA component, all mail meets the Move-Update requirements for First-Class and USPS Marketing Mail (Standard Mail). All Presorted First Class, Standard Class, and Parcel Select Lightweight® mailings must be Move Update within 90 days of mailing, but Periodical Class and Bound Printed Matter mailings are exempt from these requirements.

For an additional service fee, you can also automate your mailing workflow with SmartMoverSM FTP. This easy-to-use add-on allows high-volume users to quickly and affordably access and integrate NCOA records 24/7.

Melissa's NCOALink Change-of-Address Processing is an address correction service that matches lists of movers given to the Postal Service against multisourced computerized information to ensure successful mail delivery.
Melissa's Duplicate Elimination for MAILERS+4 - Obvious Duplicate Melissa's Duplicate Elimination for Mailers+4 - Not-So-Obvious Duplicate

Duplicate Elimination

Duplicate records are an inevitable but costly addition to your mailing lists. Even if you don’t have the same customer more than once in your database, you may not want to mail more than one mail piece to any given household. MAILERS+4 takes care of both of these issues.

With Duplicate Check in MAILERS+4, you’ll remove costly duplicates to keep your contact data accurate across one or all of your mailing lists. Scan your data to remove duplicate records to avoid unnecessary shipping and printing costs. Duplicate Check not only hones in on duplicate names and addresses but can also match sound-a-likes, nicknames, initials, and abbreviations. Plus, you can dedupe your mailing lists by phone number, name, key field data, name and phone together, and more.

MAILERS+4 can also household your mailings, grouping related records together in various combinations depending on what’s necessary for your business needs. If you’re mailing a coupon, for example, you may only want to send one to each address, but if you’re sending a political brochure, reaching all members of the address might be more pertinent. The bottom line is, a household can be a family unit made up of four people with the same last name who reside at the same address. It could also be unrelated people living at the same address (like roommates), members of a club or organization (like AARP or ACLU members), or even employees from one company or under the umbrella of a major corporation (like all employees at AT&T).

MAILERS+4 will dedupe and household, so you can make the best of your mailings.

Full Service Intelligent Mail® + Mail.dat for MAILERS+4

Is your mail intelligent? Make it so, with Intelligent Mail (IM) barcodes included in the MAILERS+4 software.

An IM barcode is a 65-bar Postal Service™ barcode that sorts parcels and letters and includes the option to add tracking, as well. Through one single barcode, mailers can participate in multiple USPS programs simultaneously to save more money and make mailing easier. IM barcodes also expand tracking abilities for individual pieces of mail, allowing for unique identification of up to a billion parcels per mailing, and provide greater visibility into the mailstream. Along with these benefits, IM barcodes also improve deliverability by incorporating routing ZIP Codes and tracking information in one bar.

With Intelligent Mail barcodes, you can qualify letter and flat-sized mail pieces for full service presort and automation rates. Plus, MAILERS+4 includes a free unique Mail.dat User License Code. As the industry standard for presort data, Mail.dat provides the most accurate USPS documentation regarding postage statements, PS-8125 drop ship forms, tray tags, pallet placards, necessary qualification reports and Manifest Mailing System Reports, past mailing statements, and more. With this sophisticated technology, Mail.dat enables more efficient transportation planning, saves on printing and shipping costs in regular or drop-ship, reduces paper documentation and storage, improves quality control, and avoids untimely shipping delays.

Full Service Intelligent Mail for MAILERS+4 - Make your mail Intelligent Mail (IM) which contains barcodes included in the MAILERS+4 Software.
Canadian Addresser for MAILERS+4

Canadian Addresser

According to recent studies, Canada Post estimates that the number of mail items that are undeliverable-as-addressed averages about 140 million annually. Avoid this costly problem by getting accurate, confirmed, deliverable addresses for all of your Canadian mailing lists and records with Canadian Addresser. Deliver more mail to Canadian customers, standardize mailings to Canada Post requirements, and even print out address labels in record order or via residuals. Canadian Addresser cuts waste, ensures efficiency, and lowers cost so you can concentrate on increasing response rates.

The verification engine provides SERP Certified™ processing for accuracy and speedier delivery. SERP, or the Software Evaluation and Recognition Program, confirms that all addresses are deliverable and standardized by Canada Post requirements. By processing with our SERP Certified engine, you can quality for Canada Post discounts. With MAILERS+4’s Canadian Addresser behind your mailing lists, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t keep your Canadian customers updated with the latest offers and information.

Residential / Business Delivery Indicator

Some carriers like UPS and FedEx charge a supplementary fee for residential delivery. You can avoid these costly additions to your budget with the Delivery Type Indicator (DTI) component, included in MAILERS+4. DTI (also known as Residential Business Delivery Indicator or RBDI) provides address delivery types so you get the best rate, every time you ship. Shop around for the most affordable mailing service and even pass that service onto your customers via your website. Plus, analyze shipping costs and patterns, reduce UAA mail, and even improve customer satisfaction by providing exact postage costs upfront.

DTI validates delivery type to 11-digit ZIP Code for the most precise indicator of a residential or commercial property. It aides real estate and property management agencies by identifying a property type when only the address is available and reduces your costs to the lowest possible rates available.

Delivery Type Indicator for Melissa's MAILERS+4
Melissa's Geocoder Add-On for MAILERS+4

GeoCoder - Add On Additional Fees Apply

Find and append latitude and longitude coordinates for 99% of all U.S. locations, census tract & block numbers, and county FIPS code down to the ZIP + 4 level. Organize delivery routes more effectively and geo-target areas where you find customer clusters, with trusted, multisourced data that includes Melissa's own enhanced algorithms.

With the GeoCoder add-on, take location data to the ZIP + 4 level with a precision that’s unparalleled in the industry. Plus, GeoCoder appends additional census tract and block numbers for a more comprehensive look into where your customers live and who they are. You’ll also get FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) codes, which can be used in emergency alert systems to better-define geographic locations.

Geocoding Find & Appends:

  • CASS verified ZIP+4+2 Code
  • Latitude
  • Longituge
  • ZIP Code
  • Census Tract
  • Census Block
  • County Name
  • FIPS Code
  • Place Code
  • Place Name
  • CBSA Information
  • CBSA Division Information
  • Time Zone

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