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Go Beyond NCOALink® with mCOA and pCOA Databases

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Non-USPS® Change of Address

Go beyond NCOALink® and reach an additional 40% of movers who didn’t report their move to the USPS® with our Multisource Change-of-Address (mCOA) and Proprietary Change-of-Address (pCOA) databases. With transactional data from multisourced subscription and purchase records, mCOA and pCOA catch additional move-updates that wouldn’t otherwise be found. It takes about 4-6 weeks on average for a customer’s forwarding address to be added into the NCOA list, and NCOA is limited to 48 months of data.

With mCOA and pCOA, you’ll take your mailing lists to a whole new level.

  • Up to 30 years of change-of-address data to reduce UAA mail and keep shipping costs low
  • Ensure the accuracy of your contact data from multiple sources, like catalogs, magazines, credit card companies, banks, and more
  • Use in conjunction with traditional NCOALink processing to find the best addresses for improved direct mail response

Ways to Access mCOA & pCOA

Automated Data
Processing / FTP 

Service Bureau /
Automated List Processing 

mCOA and pCOA Change of Address Processing

mCOA and pCOA Change of Address Processing

Multisource Change of Address (mCOA) and Properitary Change of Address (pCOA) is Move-Update processing that collects data from commercial sources (magazine subscriptions, banks, credit cards, etc.) that have new changes of address that were reported to the Post Office. Because these moves are not in the USPS National Change-of-Address (NCOALink) database, using these services in conjunction with NCOA will ensure you have the most accurate address data for your mailings.

mCOA provides access to 60 months of address changes for moves that the USPS and NCOA do not have listed, and consists of 121 million records. pCOA contains 360 months (30 years!) of moves.

mCOA and pCOA are great services to use in finding new addresses of lapsed contributors. These donors already have an established relationship with you, but have not recently responded to direct mail efforts.

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