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Customer Look-Alike Report

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Customer Look-Alike Report

Our unique report includes a demographic portrait of your customers that includes 30+ strategically important demographic elements plus a calculated Market Penetration Index (MPI) to help you define your prospective market potential. View a sample report here.

Use the report to:

  • Uncover the look-alike attributes of your current customers
  • Define your market and better target your marketing campaigns
  • Reach potential new customers just like your best ones

How it Works

1. Upload Your File

Upload your file containing a list of your best customers. We analyze it and match specific criteria to the records from databases that are constantly updated and the industry standard for data quality, coverage, and accuracy.

2. Receive Your Report

You receive your report via email. The results are presented graphically for interpretation and decision making. Attributes that are higher or lower than average market penetration are highlighted and combined into “Best Performers” and “Undecided Prospects” profiles. We will calculate the MPIs to assess market penetration, and additionally, use Z-Scores to measure the statistical validity of the results.

3. Review Your Report

After reviewing your report, you can order a list of prospects that closely match your “Best Performers” or “Undecided Prospects.” You can even fine-tune the search criteria to best meet your marketing needs before ordering your prospect list.

Market Penetration Index

The Market Penetration Index (MPI) is a ratio that compares the percentage of households in your customer file that possess a specific attribute to the percentage of households in the reference population that possess the same attribute. The MPI is useful in defining the prospective market potential.

Market Penetration Index is useful in characterizing the expected market potential.
The bar chart visualizes the comparison of the presence of the analyzed attribute (in percent) in your customer file and in the general population of your market area.


Rather than comparing raw percentages, Z-Scores take relative proportions into account and heavily weigh the size of the file being analyzed. The larger the Z-Score value (positive or negative), the more statistically valid the MPI result is. Any attribute with a Z-Score between -3 and 3 is considered statistically insignificant, whether the MPI is high or not.

Melissa's Customer Look Alike Report Contains Z-Score, any attribute with a score between -3 and 3 is considered statistically irrelevant, regardless of high MPI.
The Best Performers Profile shows where your strengths are and portrays a customer who is most likely to purchase your products or services.

Best Performers

The “Best Performers” profile is a combination of attributes that are strongly represented in your customer file. In other words, it shows where your strengths are and describes a customer who is most likely to purchase your products or services. Prospects that match this profile have the highest tendency to convert into a customer.

Undecided Prospects

The “Undecided Prospects” profile is composed of attributes that have low representation in your customer file, showing where there is headroom for further growth. Understanding your “Undecided Prospects” will help you create a personalized marketing message and campaign to effectively target these individuals. You can use this profile to improve your targeting techniques and find new opportunities within these market segments.

The Undecided Prospects profile is composed of attributes that have low representation in your customer file.

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