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Premium Email Append Services

Add Email. Make Your Database Premium.

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Premium Email Append Services

Our Premium Email Append service makes your email better by adding accurate email addresses to your contact database. Email is the easiest and most affordable way to stay in touch with customers, especially considering the rising costs of postage, printing, and mailing.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, emails received through a mobile device account for up to 70% of opens. Why not reach out to this engaged audience through emails? Add emails to your lists now!

Are you looking to add names and addresses to your email database?

Melissa's Premium Email Services Provide

Add permissible, opt-in emails linked to a provided name and residence with ease with Melissa's Consumer Email Append.

Consumer Email Append

Add permissible, opt-in emails linked to a provided name and residence

Discover how many emails you're missing out on with Melissa's Free Email Append Match Test!

Reverse E-Mail Append

Discover how many emails you're missing out on with Melissa's Free Email Append Match Test!

Free Email Append Match Test

Discover how many emails you’re missing out on! Send in your customer file and we’ll provide a data analysis report showing how many consumer emails we can add to your database. No risk, no obligation. Visit MelissaData.com/Email

Ways to Access Premium Email Services

Global Address Verification - Service Bureau

Service Bureau

Send us your file for quick batch cleansing and fast turnaround.


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With Melissa's Phone Append, typically you will receive your appended file in less than 2 business days, and in many instances, in as little as 2 hours.

How It Works

Our email append process is designed to be both accurate and thorough. Our exhaustive 10-day matching process reflects our commitment to searching out and appending as many emails to your database as possible.

  1. We receive your contact data via secure online link
  2. We match your list against our internal universe of opt-in emails
  3. We send a permission pass email to your customer
  4. We append quality email addresses to your customer list, excluding addresses that bounce and recipients who opt out
  5. You purchase and download your appended file

Business Email

Email reigns supreme in business communication. Strengthen your marketing efforts when your B2B contact database is truly actionable. Complete your records when you append Business Email. Melissa takes your existing contact name, company name, or postal address and matches it against a variety of multi- sourced data sets to bring you a verified email. Minimum order file is $700. Standard turnaround is 13-15 days.

  • Our 15% match rate widens the scope of your B2B email marketing campaigns
  • Our multisourced data sets complete your contacts to improve omnichannel marketing and conversion rates
  • No electronic transfer fees and no additional charges

Records Processed

  • Up to 100,000
  • 100,000 – 250,000
  • Over 250,000

Price per Email Appended

  • $ 0.55/ea
  • $ 0.45/ea
  • Call 1-800-826-1450

Records Processed

  • Up to 500,000
  • 500,000 - 750,000
  • 750,000 - 1 Million
  • 1 Million - 2 Million
  • 2 Million+

Price per Email Appended

  • $ 0.15/ea
  • $ 0.12/ea
  • $ 0.10/ea
  • $ 0.09/ea
  • Call 1-800-635-4772

Minimum Order Per File: $700.00

Standard Turn-Around: 2-3 Business Days

No Electronic Transfer Fees / Additional Charges

Reverse Email Append

Reverse Email Append adds a matching name and postal address to your email records. The service returns full name, address, city, state, and 5-digit ZIP Code. Add new contact information to your database to increase omnichannel marketing opportunities and better personalize communications. Fast turnarounds, safe and secure processing.

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