Data Quality 101

It’s no surprise that organizations still struggle with some level of bad data. Many haven’t yet initiated a data quality or data stewardship plan. Some may not even know where to start; who’s responsible for it; or how to sustain a data quality program over the long haul. Some may not even realize they have burning issues with their data – until it’s almost too late to fix the problem.

In our latest e-book, Data Quality 101: The Ultimate Guide for Data Stewards, written by leading industry analyst Elliot King, answers these questions and offers insight into the complex role of a data steward.

Highlights include:

  • How to create a data maturity model to effectively define, manage and optimize their data management and data quality activities
  • Who should be in charge of setting data quality goals
  • How to develop key performance indicators to measure data quality
  • Why justifying a data quality plan is important, and much more!
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