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Reference Datasets

Do business better when you empower your business intelligence with Melissa's reference datasets. We provide highly detailed data on every address in the U.S. and Canada including geographic information (lat /long coordinates) and phone numbers. With Melissa, you access the tools to create a custom data mine. Extract the data you need from a myriad of sources for increased customer insight and analytics.

  • Append latitude and longitude for greater geo-marketing reach
  • Improve business efficiency with tools that reduce keystrokes and improve data entry
  • Frequent updates maintain data accuracy for greater targeting and segmentation

Master Address Table (MAT)

MAT contains accurate and detailed information on 190+ million U.S. and Canadian addresses. In addition to verified address elements, MAT provides geographic information (latitude-longitude, census tract/block number, county name, and FIPS) which is ideal for analytics, mapping, and logistics applications.

What makes MAT unique is that every U.S. and Canadian address is assigned a Melissa Address Key® (MAK®) - a 10-digit number that never changes. This address key identifies a physical street address and aligns a multitude of additional information associated with it. When you purchase MAT, you know you have all of the valid addresses within a given area, no matter how the address changes, or if new addresses become available - you know exactly what the changes are.

MAT is a boon to the first responder community - imagine a complete database of residential and business addresses that is easily accessible by fire departments or 911 emergency call centers to quickly identify an address and ensure help reaches the correct location immediately. Additional uses of the Master Address Table include optimizing route planning, resource allocation, analytics, utilities management (water/gas/waste), and risk assessment.

Select the search parameters that fit your needs. For instance, get all the addresses associated with a congressional district, school district, ZIP Code (or group of ZIP Codes), city, county, or state; or any shape-based search like a radius or polygon.

ZIP/County Database
  • ZIP
  • FIPS Code
  • County Name
  • Percentage of Deliverable Addresses in County FIPS code for a ZIP
  • Count

ZIP Code Database
  • ZIP, State, City, City Abbreviation
  • Latitude & Longitude coordinates
  • County FIPS & County Name
  • Dominate Area Code
  • ZIP Type
  • View All

ZIP Data

Reduce keystrokes and increase the accuracy of data entry, provide customers with closest location information, and pinpoint and profile customer locations: all this is possible with ZIP*Data. Instantly verify a 5-digit ZIP at the point-of-entry and add the city and state automatically. ZIP*Data also appends latitude and longitude coordinates and census demographics, giving you the marketing data you need to profile customers, pinpoint markets, and increase sales.

ZIP*Data appends official U.S. Census Bureau 2010 data as well as American Community Survey (ACS) data that is updated annually. While ACS is not officially part of the 2010 census, this dataset replaces the "LongForm" or SF3 released in prior census years. It includes variables such as income, ancestry, educational attainment, etc. Subscriptions are available for monthly and quarterly updates.

U.S. Geographic Data

Fine-tune sales & marketing strategy when you identify common traits of your best customers using the Geo*Data database. With Geo*Data, you can build a customized program to access raw source data (lat/long coordinates) to achieve greater precision in your marketing campaigns. Target consumers according to their exact area for use in mapping and distance applications. Pinpoint customer clusters, refine sales territories, and provide customers with the location of your business nearest to them. Updated quarterly with the newest ZIP+4® data.

  • ZIP+4: 92688-2112
  • County FIPS Code: 6059
  • Latitude: 33.6468
  • Longitude: -117.6002
  • Census Tract:032026
  • Census Block: 1002

Canadian Geo*Data
  • Postal Code: E7P2M4
  • Municipality: Hartland
  • Province: NB
  • Latitude: 46.300949
  • Longitude: -67.510246
  • Time Zone: 4
  • DST: Y
  • Area Code: 506
  • Overlay: No

Canadian Geographic Data

Canadian Geo*Data is a database containing all the Postal Codes within Canada. Target customers by location for use in mapping and distance applications. Verify municipality, province, and postal code. Canadian Geo*Data offers you greater control of your initiatives. Boost your geo-marketing, deliverability, and response rates when you append latitude and longitude. Plus, get the dominant area code for a postal code, add time zone, and find out whether an area observes daylight savings time to improve customer communications.

Phone Data

Phone number accuracy is vital to building customer relationships. Reach more customers across the U.S and Canada with increased phone data accuracy. Fone*Data matches your phone numbers against the following datasets: Telephone County Name; Multiple Historical Area (MSA); Historical; and Local Access and Transport (LATA). Plus, add location data. Using your telephone database, enhance customer programs by linking area codes and prefixes to their corresponding location. This way, your phone numbers are matched to their city, state, county, time zone, as well as latitude and longitudinal coordinates. Updated quarterly.

  • Area Code (NPA): 714
  • Prefix (NXX): 589
  • New Area Code: 949
  • City: Rancho Santa Margarita
  • State: CA
  • County FIPS Code: 06059
  • View All

Phone Number History File
  • Area Code: 714
  • Prefix: 589
  • New Area Code: 949
  • City: Rancho Santa Margarita
  • State: CA
  • Start Date: 4/18/1998
  • End Date: 10/17/1998

Global GeoPostcode
  • • Localities & Administrative divisions
  • • ZIP codes, postcodes, streets
  • • Geographic coordinates
  • • Reference codes (ISO, NUTS, FIPS, ..)
  • • Time zone, DST, Elevation & more...

Global GeoPostcode

GeoPostcode data provides a common dataset structure for all countries, containing all localities, ZIP/postal codes, administrative divisions, statistical units, reference codes, time zones, elevations and, for selected countries, neighborhoods, suburbs and streets. All data are geo-referenced and available in local language, transliterated English and non-accented ASCII versions. GeoPostcode data can be integrated into professional software, websites and mobile applications, and can be used to generate statistics, complete addresses, validate forms, and more.

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