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Dirty data is a silent thief. It steals your time, your money, and even your prospects and customers. Melissa helps address all of your data issues with a full spectrum of solutions that cover the entire life cycle of your data, including profiling, cleansing, verification, enrichment, matching, deduping, monitoring, and more. Melissa tools play nice with many different technology ecosystems to provide customers around the world with clean and accurate data for marketing, shipping, lead generation, fraud prevention, and everything in between.

Melissa's Solutions for Complete Data Quality

Global Data Verification

Data decays at a rate of over 22% every year, not just due to inaccurate or incorrectly-formatted information, but also because customers are always moving, marrying, divorcing, and updating email addresses. These changes make data verification and database cleaning a necessary part of global business maintenance.

Melissa provides tools for verifying your customers and contacts accurately and quickly—every time.

Global ID Verification
Personator confirms and enriches global data, with cleansing and appending for names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, demographics, and more.

US ID Verification
Clean, verify, standardize, and complete names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails – People Data – and match name-to-address to authenticate the identity of a customer.

Global Address Verification
Point-of-entry address validation, correction, standardization, and transliteration for addresses in over 240 countries.

Global Email
Email mailbox verification, syntax and domain correction, and FCC mobile domain detection for full email data quality.

Global Phone
Ensure all phone numbers are valid and callable; plus, get number geocoding, suggestions, mobile verification, callerID and more.

Global Name
Personalize communications, flag fake or vulgar names, and even identify gender with name parsing, determination, and casing.

Global Data Quality Suite
Verify address, name, phone number, and email via this API bundle for flexible, scalable, complete data quality.

Global Address Autocompletion
Type-ahead address autocomplete autofills all fields, for real-time address and email verification and standardization to save time and money.

Global Location

Melissa’s tools for global location help you perform accurate spatial analysis and mapping, as well as improve sales and marketing decisions, through geocoding, reverse geocoding, and IP location services.

Get precise, plotted latitude/longitude coordinates down to the rooftop level.

IP Location
Identify your visitors’ exact location based on unobtrusive IP location.

Reverse Geocoding
Append address data to latitude/longitude coordinates and address key for data enrichment.

Global Matching

Melissa’s global matching capabilities give you the power to remove duplicates, find near matches, and define relationships between records—easily and quickly.

Survivorship/Golden Record
Survivorship is a unique method for determining the most accurate view of every customer—also known as, the Golden Record.

Melissa’s MatchUp® Component uses advanced fuzzy matching algorithms and deep domain knowledge to dedupe even your closest matches.

Global Updating

Melissa helps identify movers in your list and updates their address information so you can keep a clean, connected list of customers and prospects.

NCOA & International NCOA
SmartMover makes U.S., Canadian, and international change-of-address

mCOA & pCOA (Non USPS)
Reach the additional 40% of movers who didn’t report their move to the USPS, with address data going back up to 30 years.

Data Enrichment

Melissa’s data enrichment solutions add missing information (like demographics, business firmographics, and social media handles) for omni-channel success. Plus, append geographic and detailed property data to your database for improved segmentation, insight and personalization.

Append important social information like date of birth, presence of children, marital status, gender, income, and more to better know your customers and prospects.

BusinessCoder® provides firmographic data for over 25 million businesses, including: job title, employee numbers, sales volume, NAICS/SIC codes, geocodes, and more.

Social Media
Enhance your data with information from 20 different top social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more.

This app provides instant access to data for over 110 million U.S. properties and their owners.

U.S. Property Data
Get U.S. property and mortgage data for over 140 million U.S. businesses and homes, including building information, value, sales history, and more.

Data Profiling

The first step in the data quality cycle is to analyze the data you have to determine what condition it’s in. Melissa’s powerful Data Profiler helps you discover existing weaknesses in your database so you can create and enforce business rules on incoming records to maintain data quality.

Identify and extract data, as well as monitor it over time.

Data Parsing

Melissa’s data parsing service, RightFielder®, cleans and organizes your database to help save money and improve marketing response rates. RightFielder gives you the control and ¬flexibility to transform arbitrary/free form text data into correctly fielded customer information without re-keying old legacy data.

Effortlessly organize and reformat to turn unstructured data into a information that makes sense.

Self-Service Data Quality

Melissa’s self-service data quality tool, Listware, checks, verifies and corrects the names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails in your list. It also appends missing data, eliminates duplicates, and updates the addresses of movers. Sales, marketing and customer service departments use Listware to keep their contact data clean, complete and fit for use to improve customer engagement and customer satisfaction.

Easy add-in for Microsoft® Office Excel® – simply download and click install to add the power of data cleaning to your spreadsheets. Ideal for sales personnel, marketers, realtors, and insurance agents.

Use the Listware app in the world’s leading CRM (customer relationship management) platform to cleanse, update and dedupe leads, customers and accounts.

Upload your files securely for batch processing any time you want, 24/7. Listware Online accepts CSV, Text (.txt, .dat), or Excel (.xls, .xlsx) files.

Reference Data Sets

Melissa provides highly detailed data for every address in the U.S. and Canada. Armed with these tools, you can empower your business intelligence efforts with tools that extract the data you need for greater targeting and segmentation.

Canadian Geographic Data
Target Canadian customers by location to verify municipality, province, and postal codes.

Geographic Data
Identify the common traits of your best customers using Melissa’s Geo*Data database.

Phone Data
Melissa’s Fone*Data matches phone numbers against major datasets, with updates every quarter.

Zip Data
ZIP*Data appends Census and ACS data information, like income, ancestry, educational attainment, and more.

Master Address Table (MAT)
Get detailed information on over 190 million U.S. and Canadian addresses with a Melissa Address Key® or MAK.