Data Audit Capabilities

The first step toward improvement is awareness. But many companies struggle to get a clear picture of their data across all systems, processes and its overall quality.

  • Understand the current health of your customer and prospect data
  • Determine hidden match conflicts which decrease profitability and risk compliance
  • Identify data that needs to be updated and/or enriched
  • Discover opportunities to append data for omni-channel marketing

Data Verification and Enrichment

  • Number of addresses that need to be corrected and standardized
  • Number of suite/apartment numbers that can be added
  • Number of vacant addresses
  • Number of individuals, families and companies that have moved


  • Add missing Country Codes to records
  • Add missing Job Title to business records

Data Consolidation

  • Number of duplicate records

Ask about our SCV Match Conflict Audit which can compare entire single customer view hubs (CRM. MDM, CDP, MCIF, KYC) to uncover hidden match conflicts. This audit is especially helpful for GDPR due diligence and compliance.

Data Enrichment

  • Number of emails that can be added

Customer Profiling

  • Create a demographic portrait of your customers with 30+ demographic elements and calculated Market Penetration Index (MPI) to define your best customers and identify opportunities to reach more just like them. Additional Cost Applies.
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