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Common Questions

What Melissa Data products use Credits?

Listware®: Excel®, SalesForce®, Online, Mailers Online, & Melissa Lookups

Are there any setup fees?

Only Listware for Salesforce Personal or Business editions have a setup fee, a onetime $19.99 charge that includes an initial 10,000 credits.

Do you have pricing available for large-scale deployments?

Yes. We have volume pricing available with the Enterprise edition of Listware for Salesforce. Contact us for more information.

How does Credits pricing work?

With our credit system, you only pay for the data you get. A credit amount(see below) is charged for a check action or data append.

Credit Costs

Mailers Online

Tiers Records Pricing
1 Up to 50,000 records. $30 or 10,000 credits
2 50,001 records to 100,000 records. $60 or 20,000 credits

Listware Online

Action Type What it Does Pricing
U.S. & Canada Check & Verify
Check Checks the validity of address, phone, email and name. 1 Credits Per Record Checked
Verify Cross-matches a contact name with an address to make sure the two are associated. 2 Credits Per Match
Move Update Returns the current addresses for U.S. individuals and companies that have moved back after going back 10 years. 0 Credits Per Move Updated
Name Append Returns a contact name associated with the provided address, email address, or phone number. 4 Credits Per Name Appended
Address Append Returns a name and an address based on either a provided email address or phone number. 5 Credits Per Address Appended
Phone Append Returns a valid phone number associated with the provided address. 4 Credits Per Phone Number Appended
Email Address Append Returns a valid email address associated with a provided name and address. 10 Credits Per Email Appended
Demographics Date of Birth (month and year) - 1 Date of Death (month, day, and year) - 1 Gender (as reported by the contact) - 1 Household Income - 1 Residence Type (owner or renter) - 1 Length of Residence (in years) - 1 Occupation - 1 Married (definitely or possibly) - 1 Children Present (yes or no) - 1 1 Credit Per Demographic Appended
Geocode Latitude and Longitude at ZIP+4 Level (U.S.) 0 Credits Per Record
GeoPoints Latitude and Longitude at Rooftop Level (U.S.) 2 Credits Per Record
MatchUp Removes hard-to-detect duplicated and consolidates records across multiple datasets. 1 Credits Per Record
Global Address
Global Address Check Checks the validity of addresses for over 240 countries and territories. Address is verified, standardized, and formatted to local country standards. 10 Credits Per Address Checked
Global Geocode - Rooftop Level Assigns rooftop level latitude and longitude coordinates to an address. Supports U.S., Canada & 60 other countries. 20 Credits Per Rooftop Level Geocode Append
Global Geocode - Street Level Assigns street level latitude and longitude coordinates to an address. Supports U.S., Canada & 60 other countries. 1 Credits Per Street Level Geocode Append
Global Phone
Caller ID Taps into real-time carrier data to return the name of a person or business associated with the number. 8 Credits Per Record Checked
Global Phone Check Performs a "live check" of a mobile line, identifying if the number is live, active and callable. 8 Credits Per Record Checked
Global Email
Global Email Check Performs real-time email mailbox validation to confirm deliverability, identity email type, correct common typographical errors, and more. 1 Credit Per Record Checked with Express mode 3 Credits Per Record Checked with Premium mode
SmartMover CanadaPost National Change of Address
Move Update Returns the most current address of U.S. individuals and businesses that have moved within the past 48 months. Meets the USPS® Move-Update requirement for First-Class™ and Standard Mail® discounts CASS/DPV Certified. 1 Credits Per Record Checked
BusinessCoder Verifications & Appends Validates business addresses, appends business latitude / longitudes, and appends firmographic information for about 25 million businesses. 15 Credits Per Record Checked
Express Entry
Global Express Entry® Address Autocomplete Auto-completes and verifies an address to save up to 50% in keystrokes and ensure only valid address data enters your database. 0 Credits Per Record Checked
Property Append Data Returns comprehensive property and mortgage data on over 140 million U.S. properties. 15 Credits Per Record Appended
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