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Common Questions

What Requires Melissa Credits?

You can use credits in exchange for data verification and enrichment services utilizing our RESTful APIs. Use the chart below for more information.

How Many Credits Do You Need?

The chart below shows how many credits you will need depending on the Web API you plan to use.

Credit Costs

Action Type What it Does Pricing
Personator Verify and Correct Address, Name, Phone and Email information in the US/Canada and append Rooftop Geocodes. 6 Credits Per Check
Global Address
Global Address Check Checks the validity of addresses for over 240 countries and territories. Address is verified, standardized, and formatted to local country standards. 15 Credits Per Address Check
Global Name
Global Name Check Parse full and multiple names, standardize common company indicators, detect dual names, identify gender, and flag vulgar/suspicious names. 1 Credit Per Check
Global Phone
Global Phone Performs a "live check" of a mobile line, identifying if the number is live, active, and callable. 4 Credit Per Record Check
Global Email
Global Email Check Performs real-time email mailbox validation to confirm deliverability, identify email type, correct common typographical errors, and more. 2 Credit Per Record Check
Property Append Data Returns comprehensive property and mortgage data on over 140 million U.S. properties. 8 Credits Per Record Append
BusinessCoder Verifications & Appends Validates business addresses, appends business latitude / longitudes, and appends firmographic information about 25 million businesses. 15 Credits Per Record Append
IP Locator
IP Locator Utilize 20 unique lookup techniques to provide a wealth of geolocation information on over 99% of global IPv4 addresses. 2 Credits Per Check
Activate / Purchase Credits

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