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Melissa provides a full suite of services via batch processing and automated FTP, including data hygiene, data enhancement, NCOALink® Move Update and merge/purge. Our highly-experienced team of specialists are experts in their fields, with over 30 years of Melissa success to back them up. We specialize in meeting the needs of nonprofits, retail, B2B, and publishing clients, and happily take on any size project—from small jobs of hundreds of records, to 1 billion or more.

When you choose Melissa, you’ll get the lowest prices, quick turnaround, and friendly, helpful and professional service – every time.

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Melissa Automated Data Processing/FTP

For automated, batch submissions of data sets, Melissa provides cleansing and enrichment services with our seamless Automated Data Processing service. Get 24/7 access to Melissa’s valuable services, without the wait time of traditional processing. Contact data files are processed and returned in hours, if not minutes, via our safe and secure FTP server, and we can accommodate any size job from 500 to over 1 billion records.