Set up a Melissa account and activate your Free Credits to use Clean Suite for CRM.

Activate 1,000 Free CRM Credits

Melissa reserves the right to change either the required number of credits for a particular service or individual credit cost at its discretion and without notice. Melissa shall prioritize maintaining consistency and fairness with respect to such changes, however, market conditions or other external factors may require Melissa to make adjustments as necessary.

Credit Expiration Notice:
The Credit Balance will be reset to 0 if there is no activity (consumes/purchases) within one year.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Salesforce Users:

  1. Download the Clean Suite app on the Salesforce Market at
  2. Your Melissa account will automatically be created and filled with Credits. You will receive an email from us you’re your login credentials. You’re all set, now start cleaning!

For Dynamics CRM Users:

Contact Us for help setting up Clean Suite

At the beginning of the month, we’ll top off your account with up to 1000 free credits.

Melissa Lookups, our APIs (available in the Developer Portal), Listware, and Mailers Online also work with Credits. You can use your credits with any of these products as well!

Contact Us, we’ll be more than happy to help!