NAICS (North American Industry Classification System)
NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) are self-assigned codes that represents a primary business activity & are used to classify and measure businesses in the United States, Canada & Mexico.

What is an NAICS Number?

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Codes are used to classify and measure businesses in the United States, Canada and Mexico. They are often used along with or instead of the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. NAICS replaced SIC codes for the most part, but both systems are still in use today. NAICS Codes are self-assigned, meaning businesses select the code that best represents their primary business activity; some businesses may use more than one code depending on what line of business they are in.

How to Read an NAICS Code

NAICS Codes are 6-digits long and include information that defines a business’s industry. Breaking down each part of the code helps you to gain insight and better understand your target markets. The example below illustrates what each number group stands for; the first two digits represent the main sector of the business, the next three digits subsector, and so on:

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) Codes  Example

After identifying an industry’s main sector, NAICS shows more in-depth information, including 99 subsectors, 312 industry groups, 713 industries and 1,066 U.S. industries. The third digit in a NAICS Code is the subsector, the fourth digit is the industry group level, the fifth digit is the international industry level, and the sixth digit is reserved for U.S. designation.

Why are NAICS Codes Important?

NAICS Codes identify businesses by type, providing in-depth information on industries to give you customer insight for improved marketing and sales initiatives. Appending NAICS Codes to your customer lists allow you to focus on those who are more likely to be interested in your products/services and help you get to know businesses and prospects better.

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