SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program)
SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) is a postal certification issued by Canada Post & ensures highest accuracy in Canadian Data Quality.

SERP (Software Evaluation and Recognition Program) is a postal certification issued by Canada Post. It is similar to USPS® CASS certification in that it works to improve address accuracy. SERP Certified applications ensure the highest accuracy in Canadian Data Quality and complement Canadian National Change-of-Address Processing Capabilities.

As stated by Canada Post, vendors’ address validation and correction software is evaluated based on their ability to process a batch of addresses and identify:

  • Addresses that are valid
  • Addresses that are invalid, but can be fixed
  • Addresses that are invalid and cannot be fixed

Once a software vendor passes evaluation, they become Canada Post SERP certified.

What are the Benefits of SERP Certification?

  • Improves accuracy & speeds up delivery time
  • Reduces the quantity of undeliverable mail - cutting overall costs
  • Enables mailers to quality for Canada Post® postal discounts

SERP compliant address verification software, such as Melissa’s, meets stringent Canada Post® requirements for high quality address data and driving ideal results from mailing campaigns. Melissa’s Address Verification Service is available as a multiplatform API, Cloud service, or directly integrated with major CRM platforms such as® and data integration platforms including Pentaho® and Microsoft® SQL Server® Integration Services. In addition to providing precise postal information for U.S. and Canadian addresses, Melissa's solutions validate and apply local standards for addresses in 240 countries and territories worldwide.

Why Melissa?

Melissa’s Global Address Verification service verifies addresses for 240+ countries and territories at the point of entry and in batch to ensure only valid billing and shipping addresses are captured and used in your systems. We leverage a postal certified address engine using official government data including CASS (USPS), SERP (Canada Post), PAF (Royal Mail) and more. As the “Address Experts”, Melissa remains committed to providing leading-edge data quality solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide, leveraging more than 35 years of industry expertise.

250+ Countries & Territories
1,000,555,787+ Addresses Verified
35+ Years
10,000+ Customers Worldwide