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Pricing Tiers
Mailers Online Up to 5,000 records per job 10,000 Credits or $40.00
Mailers Online PRO Up to 1 million records per job Contact us to find out more!
Action Type What it Does
Address Check USPS® CASS/DPV Certified Verification Engine
Check Checks addresses against the USPS® National Database for deliverability.
Correct and Standardize Corrects and Standardizes addresses to meet USPS® requirements.
Meets Requirements for: USPS® Automation discounts for postal rates by appending ZIP+4
Provides USPS® Required document(s): USPS® CASS FORM 3553 (Coding Accuracy Support System) Summary
Presort USPS® PAVE-GOLD Certified Postal Presorting
Presort List Sort mail lists by ZIP Code, CRRT, Plus4, DDU, SCF, and NDC
Meets requirements for: Qualification for USPS® Postal Discounts:
First Class Mail - 500 record minimum; Letter, Flat, or Postcard
Marketing Mail- 200 record minimum; Letter or Flat
Profit / Nonprofit
eLOT Enhanced Carrier Route
Full Service Intelligent Mail® +
Prepare Full-Service mailing with unique Intelligent Mail barcodes
Submit required documentation electronically
Provides USPS® Required document(s): Qualification Report(s)
Postage Statement
Duplicate Check Detect and remove duplicate records in mailing list*
Duplicates can be checked by: Address
Address, Last Name
Address, Last Name, First Name
Address, Company
Address, Company AND Last Name
Address, Company AND Last Name, First Name

*May reduce number of records below the minimum requirement for First Class or Marketing Mail.
NCOALink® USPS® National Change of Address
Move Update Returns the most current address of U.S. individuals and businesses that have moved within the past 48 months.
Meets requirements for: USPS® Move-Update requirement for First-Class™ and Marketing Mail® discounts CASS/DPV Certified.
Print Labels
Print labels Get the files needed to print labels using Microsoft Mail Merge. FREE
Available Label Fields Company
Full Name
Postal Code
Label Names Avery 5162 1 1/3 x 4
Avery 5163 2 x 4
Label Font Size 8 or 10
Label Fonts Choose from the list of fonts available.
Save template
Save template Save presort settings as a template for future use by selecting the checkbox under ‘Job Name’ and naming the Job. FREE
Credit Expiration Notice:
The Credit Balance will be reset to 0 if there is no activity (consumes/purchases) within one year.

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