Sentient Data Management Software

Visually access, explore, report, and query your data to uncover hidden relationships, accelerate discovery and share knowledge and insight with fellow researchers.

  • Draw data from any source public or private, including instruments and applications
  • Utilize data from multiple sources regardless of format or location
  • Secure, compliant and interoperable environment
  • Implement multiple ontologies to serve specific findings
  • Combine and contextualize data to create custom knowledge bases
  • Uses existing hardware and IT infrastructure

Data Manager provides automated input and organization of data from any source. Data Manager extracts flat files and proprietary file formats into open, compliant standards. This efficiently creates well-structured and contextually integrated data objects individually or in batch, from virtually any existing data, including data acquired from instruments or third party applications.

Minimal effort delivers immediate benefits including content and meta-data extraction, categorization, annotation, linking, monitoring, querying, and auditing. Further, the tool provides detection and integration of analytical applications and processing modules distributed across networks. The Data Manager links with applications and instruments, and enables monitoring functionality to review data, applications and network activity for all users, within any connected network, in real-time.

This tool provides persistent, non-destructive processing audit, versioning, rollback, and re-playable processing histories for each data object, including capture of third party processing activity. The Data Manager also provides layered information extraction, active linking and querying of data anchor points and annotation. This provides viewing of basic relationships between multiple data types according to their content using visualization tools such as matrix clustering and dendrograms.

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