Sentient Data Manager

Automate Input & Organization of Data from Any Source

Sentient Data Management provides the most flexible, interoperable data management framework available. Easily integrate, update, search and report on clinical research and business data of all relevant types, including XLS and .TSV files, XML, SAS files, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, laboratory instruments, genomics data, pathology images, web services, and more. Sentient Data Management delivers integrated data globally to applications on demand, in different required formats, with fine-grained security out-of-the-box.

  • Customizable pipelines automate data import and management
  • Integrate and explore high content images
  • Link directly to instruments and applications
  • Set alerts for new data available, unexpected data, etc.
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The Sentient Data Manager delivers immediate benefits including content and meta data extraction, categorization, annotation, liking, monitoring, querying, and auditing.
The Sentient Data Manager also provides layered information extraction, active linking and querying of data anchor points and annotation. This provides viewing of basic relationships between multiple data types according to their content using visualization tools such as matrix clustering and dendograms.