Record Management & Survivorship Rules for ETL

A central goal of Master Data Management (MDM) is achieving a single source of truth – one record that captures all the pertinent information we need about a customer, resource, product or service – that is 100% accurate. However, working with multiple databases and disparate entry points for data makes the creation of duplicate records from incomplete entries, changes that occur over time, or other reasons likely and achieving a Golden Record a difficult challenge.

Enter MatchUp to the rescue.

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Data Matching - Building the Golden Record

Building the Golden Record

MatchUp’s Golden Record Selection options for SSIS and Pentaho allow for the intelligent selection of the Golden Record from a group of duplicates to create a single, accurate and complete version of each customer record.

MatchUp can identify the best record of a matched group based on virtually unlimited criteria including:

  • Data Quality Score (most accurate address, name, phone, and/or email address)
  • Last Updated
  • Most Complete
  • Custom Expression
Batch Processing
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