Palletization - placing mail containers such as trays, tubs or sacks onto wood or plastic pallets
RBDI (Residential Business Delivery Indicator) flags a valid address as either residential or business.

RBDI (Residential Business Delivery Indicator) identifies delivery type status. Once an address is validated with an accurate ZIP + 4 Code and delivery point code, RBDI can have one of 3 values: R = Residential, B=Business, U=Unknown.

What are the Benefits of RBDI?

Since most shipping carriers charge a higher price for residential deliveries, RBDI can be valuable as it indicates delivery type prior to shipping. For example, FedEx charges $2.95 per package for a commercial delivery, but the cost goes up to $4.40 per package for residential. As you can see, depending on the number of packages you are sending, that can add up. Knowing how many of your addresses are residential vs. business before shipping enables you to plan accordingly when choosing a carrier, allowing you to maximize your savings potential.

Many types of businesses can benefit from RBDI; for example, ecommerce businesses can build the functionality into their websites to offer customers rate-shopping services. Real estate agencies and property managers can use RBDI to distinguish property types when information on an address is limited, while commercial shippers and agents can use it to plot more efficient delivery routes.

Why Melissa? We’re the Address Experts

Melissa has been a leader in address management for over 35 years, helping businesses keep address data clean, standardized and compliant with our CASS Certified software. Melissa’s Address Verification service validates, standardizes and formats U.S. and global addresses in real-time. We match your address records against the USPS ZIP+4 file for accuracy and completeness - improving the deliverability of your mailings and qualifying them for postal discounts.

Melissa’s proprietary capabilities include RBDI (residential or business delivery indicator), AddressPlus (adds known apartment numbers to residences), Non-USPS data (5+ million addresses not supported by USPS) and MAK persistent address identifier key technology which tracks all changes to addresses over time. Melissa also offers Data Enrichment solutions for valuable insight into businesses that can be leveraged for decision making, lead scoring and optimized B2B marketing and sales efforts.

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