Intelligent Mail Barcode(IMB) - is a 65-bar Postal Service barcode used to sort and track mailpieces such as individual letters, cards and flats.
Intelligent Mail Barcode(IMB) The Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMb) is a 65-bar Postal Service barcode used to sort and track mailpieces such as individual letters, cards and flats.

The barcode data is scanned and collected by the USPS - it captures information including service type, mail owner or mailing agent, plus a serial number to identify and track each mailpiece. It can be used for address correction services including manual address correction notices, Address Change Service (ACS), OneCode ACS®, and Intelligent Mail Full-Service ACS. Intelligent Mail barcodes must be generated by a solution or software that has been approved by the USPS.

What are the Benefits of The Intelligent Mail Barcode?

The IMb provides insight and greater visibility into the efficiency of your mailing operations as it tracks your mailpieces throughout the process, allowing you to more effectively plan and manage your mailings. It also allows mailers to use a single barcode to participate in multiple Postal Service programs simultaneously. The following USPS mail classes and types are eligible for discounts when the IMb is used by bulk mailers on their shipping labels:

  • First-Class Mail letters and flats
  • Standard mail letters and flats
  • Periodical letters and flats
  • Bound printed matter flats
  • Business and permit reply mail

What are the Advantages of Using a Solution that Supports IMb?

By leveraging the data embedded in the Intelligent Mail barcode, you can gain valuable insight into your mailing operations, allowing you to make better business decisions. Melissa offers several options for direct mail software and services that support the Intelligent Mail barcode, including:

Mailers+4 Desktop
Supports Full Service IMB + Mail.dat - MAILERS+4 produces IM barcodes so you can qualify for Full Service Presort and Automation rates, plus you can easily track the progress of mail pieces as they are delivered.
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Mailers Online
Supports Full Service IMB + Mail.dat - qualifying letter and flat-sized mail for presort and automation rates; plus, cost-saving USPS program participation and optional tracking is available with Intelligent Mail barcodes.
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Presort Object®
is Melissa’s on-premise API that integrates easily into your current mail processing system and is Full Service Intelligent Mail® and Mail.dat compliant. It generates iMB barcodes, reports and all necessary e-documents.
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Why Melissa?

Melissa’s Direct Mail Software and Services are leading-edge, data-driven solutions that can help you maximize your marketing efforts. We offer tools to update and correct your contact records, uncover new opportunities with our mailing lists and sales leads, and add missing information to your records. With Melissa, you can be sure your mailing list is current and up-to-date so you can avoid unwanted fees associated with undeliverable addresses.

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