Delivery Point Validation (DPV) -  Confirms that an address actually exists and can be delivered to.
Vanity City Is an alternate city name for an address and ZIP Code™ that is acceptable by the USPS, but not the official name of a city.

A city can sometimes have many alternate city names in addition to the one preferred by USPS. For example, Hollywood is a vanity city name for Los Angeles.

Other examples of a vanity city names are:

RECOMMENDED CITY FOR 90022 VANITY / RECOGNIZED FOR 90022 VANITY / RECOGNIZED FOR 90022 VANITY / RECOGNIZED FOR 90022 Los Angeles, CA, 90022 Commerce, CA, 90022 East Los Angeles, CA, 90022 E Los Angeles, CA, 90022

If a vanity city name is submitted with an acceptable ZIP Code, that address will not be changed when CASS processed. If the submitted city name is not acceptable, CASS will default the city name to the one preferred by the USPS.

If you want to check and see what other names are suitable for a particular ZIP code, Melissa has a tool to help you do that.

Simply enter the ZIP Code you wish to query, and hit submit. A list of the alternate or vanity city names will populate for you along with other relevant information about the ZIP Code.

Vanity Cities in a Zip Code
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